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Author Topic: Suspected AdultWork Scams  (Read 1436441 times)

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This is odd. I have no data for this except a phone number. I made a date for this lunchtime with a svelte 31 year old who I thought was slim, blonde and British, with a nice bum as seen on her private gallery. She was in High Wycombe, Bucks. She was called HAZEL SMITH. She texted me her postcode.

I turned up - having been texted the house number and told to park behind the house - to be greeted by a short slim (with a tummy) smiling dark Romanian lady, missing some teeth age 42 called AnneMarie. She was friendly and clean but not what I expected. She had little English and could not explain.

Neither lady is now on AW but Hazel was.
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Suspected private gallery scammer. She has been listed as being out of the country/away and unable to take bookings for the past 5 months yet has been able to log in every single day. I know this because I checked her profile every now and again. No new feedbacks or webcamming feedbacks.

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