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Author Topic: Sarah British - nympho pocket rocket potty mouthed spunk guzzling outcaller  (Read 3292 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2611902 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sarah+British

Saw her recently for an outcall visit - she's previously reviewed positively by hendrix on a thread that will be linked to below, and my experience closely matches his.

Good comms prior to the punt, even though one of us had a problem with delayed receipt/ transmission of messages. We agreed a 'see you when I see you' arrangement, but she kept me abreast of her progress.

When she arrived I was pleasantly surprised - having seen a a 'looks' score of 6.5/10 I wasn't expecting a stunner but I'd say she's easily an 8 - wide green doe-eyes set in quite an impish face - reminded me a little of an Austrian girl I used to know. She says she's 29 but could easily pass for a 25 year old. Settled down for a natter and she is very chatty and forthcoming - might be too talkative for some but I found her genuine and charismatic.

We then got all naked and stuff -she's but on a tiny wee bit of weight since those pictures were taken but still has a cracking figure. This has filled out her tits a little.

The most important observation to make is that she genuinely, genuinely loves sex and fellas. She provides a full commentary of the things that turn her on - not to dictate how she wants the sex to progress, but to provide encouragement that you're doing the right thing. Lots of sloppy DFK throughout, porn star blowjob with a deep throat, and constant references to the faceful that she was looking forward to. I just genuinely got the impression that she was enjoying herself, fancied me, and wanted to be there - it's quite possible none of this was true but she completely convinced me that she was having a great time, which is always good for the self-esteem/drive to be altruistic. I do wish I'd spent some more time giving oral to her, but she kept demanding I thrust my cock back down her throat.

Onto mish and doggy, where she was responsive and compliant throughout, and she came during mish.  Interspersed with more oral, and then the curtain call where i fired a massive payload of sticky white love piss into her smiling face and mouth - the first volley actually went half way across the room as I was so excited.

In conclusion - she's absolutely awesome -no negatives for me and will be sure to see her again.

8 review(s) found for Sarah British linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online hendrix

Great review, :D glad she delivered as well as she did with me. Definitely one of the best around at the moment imo.

yup. She spoke highly of you, too!

I can confirm that this sounds exactly like my experience with Sarah. And I totally agree, she is not the hottest girl in the room but pleasant looking enough. And besides she is filthy and thats all we really need. I can still hear how she was telling me not to come inside her and begging for me to drench her face in cum. And her look of delight when she got it. What a trooper! The best bit about it was that it was a reverse booking on my terms. Must have got lucky I guess.

she messaged me earlier to say that she moving "to pastures new" (no idea what that means) in March. So get in while you can. She's definitely worth a spin.

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