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Author Topic: Paisley Old Timers - Well Street Sauna  (Read 1161 times)

Offline derekmc

First of all I better apologise in advance as newbies seem to get a bit of flak and especially newbies asking for help on their first post! So I humbly lay myself open to any "friendly" banter that may come my way.

Anyway enough of that, to settle a long ongoing difference of opinions between me and a pal can anyone remember the name of the sauna that was located on Well Street in Paisley? this maybe finally closed around approx the late 80's. 



Offline Tjkooker

Knowing paisley intellectuals it would probably be originally titled well st sauna  :lol:
Sorry mate can't help you there. No doubt Auldie will be along to stand up for the buddies  :rose:
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

I cant remember the name, but in the early 80 I don't my apprenticeship as a painter, and my work place was in well meadow street, just round the corner

Every 6 months, we would go into give the place a coat of paint, and when the job was finished we were offer the use of the showers to clean out self up, and if we wanted, a massage on the house, including any extra we wanted, as a lot of the work was done on the fly, not recorded in the books, so the boss was getting money, not declared to the tax man, the rest was in paid in sex, which we all didn't argue about

Offline spenser

Ambassador at one time but name changed frequently. Can't remember other names but hey sometimes the memory returns!

Offline auldie63

Sadly TJ is right it was mostly just called 'The Sauna'. Was the only one I never used as relatives lived above it, but regularly used Kilnside Road and Glen St., usually when too late to get to Glas. Thone mad bitch from East Kilbride fucked things up in Paisley when she started that poleroid photo racket in Kilnside Road and that drunken twat fell out with her and sent some prints into the boys in blue.

Offline derekmc


Just wondered if any new members or anyone else has had a brain wave and remembered at last the name of the sauna that used to be in well street in Paisley?

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