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Author Topic: Where was your first Glasgow punt?  (Read 11323 times)

Offline Keema

Since we're getting all nostalgic. Where was your first punt? (If the place is still there be discrete!)

Outdoors - Girl on St Vincent street, on the roof of Habitat. £10 for a 'gammy', lovely short time in the height of summer.

Indoors - St Enochs with a gorgeous real redhead from the highlands someplace, paid for the reverse massage option paid £30.


Early 2000s  parkgrove sauna , was 16 .  Angel a  blonde with a great pair of titts , scottish probably late 30s . Been punting fairly regular ever since and still one of my best ever . Still hoping she would turn up on adultwork someday

Offline Tjkooker

In the car. Collected on argyle st. Taken to gorbals in a back street. Blonde lass that had the nickname speedy. She walked at 100mph! Nice enough and she was clean at that time. £30 for sex that lasted minutes before she wanted to wank me off. So speedy service too. Lesson learnt after that.
Indoors: first Aw with a ok looking wee brunette late 20's. Filled my two hours nicely.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline ich will

I'm sure it was with CurvySavanah and i loved it lol
Banning reason: Undesirable fluffy

cant remember the name of the place, but it was in pollockshaw road, and was in the sunday mail about extras, which tempted me to go along, I was only 15 at the time, going on 16

Told the masseur I was 17, and she asked what Im here for, told her seen this place in the paper, and what are the extra, me lying there on the table with an erection

I was a virgin, and told the girl, so she showed me what to do

But my real first experience, proper sex, was with Karen from the highbourough sauna at jordanhill, anyone else remember this place

Offline Marmalade

Front seat of the car parked next to a disused railway line. £10 a shot, they were the days. Skinny, enthusiastic little creature (never try to do a big bird in your car). First indoors was probably that sauna that was near Argyle Street on the patch where we'd pick up the SW's. Thought it would be the posh version but it felt like a mug's game. I could have seen 3 SWs in the same time and at least one of them would have been many many times more realistic. Tried the other place that was a few streets away but that was just as bad. Patter like MSG with no substance under it. Never went back to Glasgow saunas after that.

Was in Blythswood Sauna with Kelly, had read great reviews of her on PN and she didn't disappoint, was really dirty in a good way  and I left with my head in a spin.

Offline alimo

"roon the back o a pub in govan fur a gammy" (of all places)

my homeland in my young and impressionable (and daft days) used to drink in a boozer, now long gone where a couple of WG's used to frequent before getting the subway up to Glasgow. Don't now her name, couldn't even tell you what she looked like, the old memory not that good but what i do remember is  - -it was shite.  but hey ho ya only live once  :drinks: cheers

Offline jg048012

Testing the memory here for sure but I reckon a fair guess would be the sauna on Vicky road queens park end...

She was a mid 30s tall long brown hair to waist with a hot body...think she had a hairy muff too. She gave me a great massage and we chatted about the carnival as I recall..the is was turn over and a super nice wet bj and then duck finish...made quite an impression :)

Offline jg048012

Duck finish for those not in the know is the same as a fuck finish but with a d instead of an f :)

Offline ruggedscot

very first time - Lady Godiva south side of glasgow - popped in and had a massage and then wanked off.... 10 in and 10 to the girl so you can guess how long ago that was lol

Offline xr888

In my school flat when my flatmate were either studying or playing game or sleeping,  :D

Offline Marmalade

"roon the back o a pub in govan fur a gammy" (of all places)
That could be awkward for someone not familiar with the slang. They used to ask if you wanted "business", well fucking right I did if she was ok. So then you got the prices and a gam was usually the cheapest but even better you could do it standing up while keeping an eye out (though I always liked to insist on a feel and maybe a whiff of her fanny to get me in the mood, especially on a crisp cold night).

Offline Keema

That would be a gammy with extras

The memory lives on even after this long.
After pub bevvy nite out came across a nice looking young streetwalker.
Slid off to a lane next to Blysthwood Sq in Glasgow city centre.
Sloppy gobble and then spunked after about only 5 secs pumping away after entry…….oh but the thrill of it at the time, I was hooked.

First time outside was an older woman ( well I was only 18 myself) from the Glasgow green area huge jugs, first time indoor was oasis in city centre, that's a blast from the past eh? Not heard that place mentioned much on here or is it me showing my age.......the girl was a Sam I think met her again years and years  later working from Oxford street I think.

Offline solway

I remember the Oasis - I was a bit young(ish) and naive at the time. I remember a full bodied woman in a short leather mini skirt - I booked her, then another girl in the lounge tried to steal the business telling me she was better than her  :P

Was there not another OASIS near Ibrox ?

Offline jg048012

Yeah I remember oasis too and the one on paisley road west...now sure if it was def oasis though.

Ahh the good ol days with not a scamming ee in sight...Just the standard Scottie dog hah.

Seriously many an ee adds to the best wee country in the world!

Offline J_H

First time was a street girl probably thirty years ago, and I'm sure it was about 30 bob for a 'short time', up a lane near Blythswood. Lasted about three pelvic thrusts! Did it for a laugh really, tried once or twice more, then never even thought about doing it again until a few years ago.

Alimo, I wonder if that pub was the Bonnington Bar - I drank there with a mate from KP. One of the back rooms was full of clatty auld boilers, you could have one for the price of a bottle of wine (I mean Lanliq or VP - not Chardonnay or Sancerre!). It would have been like shagging your granny! Great days.

Offline Bobnero

My first time outdoors was near Anderson Bus station when I was 17.  Promptly followed A few weeks later by a visit to Tropical Palms on Holland Street, then many visits to St Enochs when it was on the first floor(?).  Happy days!

Offline coolsot72

Lol.....this post is reviving some good memories......my first punt was in Calton Club with a blonde pretty girl called Karen......also remember a young pretty brunette girl with a pixie bob haircut called Jay in Oasis....think she ended up in Venus latterly. Also remember Karen from Highborough Club who was mentioned in this postt previously. More recently (as in a few years ago) I was always drawn towards a young blond chik called Crystal in Venus.....wee Pocket Rocket !! Happy Days lol !!

Anderson brings back some memories......mine was in the lane where the drop in centre used to be in the back of my Capri.....it was cosy and didnt last long lol

Offline f_angel

Mine was also at the Oasis, had a reverse massage from Shelly. I saw her a few times and she really did it for me in those early days. I'll never forget that first punt and the feel of her pussy round my fingers. Sadly she got outed eventually. My favourite there was Sindy, though Kelly, Claire and Joanne were also great. I was gutted when the Bath St premises closed, but quickly found other places to go. They re-opened briefly as Oasis 2000 where I was reunited with Sindy but sadly it didn't stay open long. It wasn't long after that I bumped in Joanne from there working the street scene.

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