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Author Topic: alisa- victoria  (Read 1655 times)

8 review(s) for Alisa_XXX (6 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

easy communication, alisa sounded friendly enough on the phone.
was given the address and flat number through txt.

easy to find new big block of flats, literally a minute walk from the station, easy to get into and alisa room number was easy to find.

alisa was already waiting behind an open door and greeted me inside.

alisa is very pretty with a really busty curvy figure, she was wearing what i had asked also.
paid up and was offered a shower, came back out and alisa was waiting on the bed for me, she quickly got down to business and in no time she had my boxers of and rubbing my already erect old chap.

i did get a little kiss but was very minimal, light FK and i could tell it wasnt going to be any more then that.
this didnt really put me off as DFK is not really top of the list for me, i had alisa pose doggy for me on the bed and i licked her out from behind, she sounded like she really enjoyed this, we then moved on to OWO and i must say i really love having my cock worshiped and alisa does this fantastically, eye contact ball rubbing and her technique is perfect, she knew the exact amount of pressure and when to use her hand with slow then faster movements, it was divine.
moved on to alisa on top talking dirty in my ear while the pounded down on top of me, another thing is her skin to touch is beautiful, its so smooth and soft, i told alisa i was going to pop and she looked right in my eyes and demanded that i cum inside her, which i did.

round 2 and we spoke for a while about the different places we have been and etc....
all the time alisa's hand rubbing my dick, eventually she said lets see if i can get another one out of you, i said lets see if you can do it, she said this time i want in my mouth.
got me erect again and started with spoon, then reverse cow girl, doggy style for a bit (the view was fantastic watching that ass ripple as i pounded it)
told alisa i was going to pop again and she sucked my dick till CIM.
only bad bit about this was she took her mouth away a little to soon as i was still ejaculating but it did not bother me to much.
had a quick shower said my goodbyes and left.
overall decent punt not the best iv had but by no means the worse.
thank you


Offline monstar

Thanks for the review, she sounds good! Can you post her AW link please?



shes half Vietnamese and i think Filipino she said

bright green eyes as well.   

8 review(s) found for Alisa_XXX linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline manoir

She looks absolutely stunning, right up my alley. But would need better service to part with £150 ph.

75% Vietnamese, 25% Portuguese, 100% fucking hot. I can quite easily say she was my best punt ever. I enjoyed every minute, checked every box for me. So good in fact I'm hesitant to make a return - can it ever be that good again?

thats it!!!!! Portuguese, she didnt look it though in the flesh, but either way she was pretty.

I'm curious to know how the OP managed to shower without removing his boxers?  :rolleyes:

undressed in bathroom then showered then put boxers back on after

i always do it, i kinda have a thing for women pulling my boxers off
it turns me on
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