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I mentioned this meet in another thread started by Taz. 
I saw Lea the other day for a 15 minute visit for £30.  I have to say,  I've paid much more for girls who offered a much poorer service.  Lea was fantastic.

She's a 24 year old Czech girl,  only communicate by text but she can speak a little English,  when you meet her you'll appreciate she's a clever girl and can figure things out if you explain them to her.

So comms were very easy,  she met me and let me in (flats right next to cessnock underground) 

The room is in like thwthe basement ofthe building,  but the room was really lovely,  warm,  comfy,  nicely lit and very welcoming.
Lea is a Gorgeous girl.  Really,  really gorgeous.  Petite,  maybe 5'5, thick black curly hair,  beautiful cheeky face,  impish.  Stunning body,  big heavy v breasts,  great nips.  She's not stick thin,  but a lovely voluptuous body.
Service was very good.  Excellent blow job.  Now I requested owo,  and she started,  but asked me very politely if she could put a condom on as she didn't like the pre cum and apparently there was a lot of it,  so I obliged.  I wasn't even slightly annoyed,  she was so nice about it,  and never insisted and she made a real effort with the oral.  Soon after,  me on top,  from behind,  her standing against the wall.  She's in great nick,  tight,  sexy and responsive.  She'd already made it clear she didn't do cumshot to the face,  so as we had arranged,  she jerked me off all over her beautiful tits. And she timed it to perfection,  slowing down just at the right place.  One of the best orgasms i have ever had when someone else was pulling me off,  she kept eye contact and played with her tits. It was a sight to behold. 

Very friendly girl,  going by my watch,  the fun lasted just over 20 minutes,  she never once looked at the clock. she was great company one of the best punts I've ever had. And definitely the best value for money.  Without questions,

She's only here for another week guys so get in quick.  She is £50 for half an hour, but tbh,I may just book the hour for £90.  This is ridiculously good value andI've never had an hour punt before,  but she would be a brilliant place to start! 

Seven thumbs up!  Hahaha
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2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline JazzMan

She looks good but without owo and cim I would have to skip.
The others in that group (http://groups.adultwork.com/GLASGOW+CZECH+GILS or http://groups.adultwork.com/18073) seem to be a real bunch of old slags.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Glad you liked her....she was really good and a great body to boot.

Looks like a new girls is in the group - glasgowmili - looks hot might opt for the duo with her and the great Glasgowlea.... :yahoo:

Firstly,  yeah maybe the other ladies are munter.. Whatever,  how does that reflect on Lea exactly.  You're not the first to bring it up.  And she greets you at the door so if you feat a bait and switch,  then walk.  I've done it before,  no shame in it.  We are the consumer after all. 
Yeah,  she doesn't offer every service,  she's very upfront about it but the value for money with this girl is amazing.

Yeah taz,  I did notice the new girl.  I'll probably try her out at some point.  If you get there first mate,  please do tell! :-)

Offline ich will

Glad you liked her....she was really good and a great body to boot.

Looks like a new girls is in the group - glasgowmili - looks hot might opt for the duo with her and the great Glasgowlea.... :yahoo:

She was on it before when based in Tollcross and was called GlasgowSabina she was doing duos with NiceAndrea there were pictures of the 2 of them on Andrea's profile page that are now gone along with the name Glasgow Sabina.

Banning reason: Undesirable fluffy

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