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Author Topic: Darcy Rose Glasgow - Cracking Fuck!  (Read 3395 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2371795 or https://www.adultwork.com/Darcy+Rose

Booked Darcy with a couple of hours' notice a few weeks ago.

Good comms, modern block of flats easy to find straight off the High St. Was kept waiting outside for a few minutes, but then again most WGs are guilty of this.

Rang the bell, with my own already getting hard from what I'd read previously.

Flat wasn't the best, but served its purpose. Was about as welcoming as a nun in the same situation and could've done with a good vacuuming, but there were paint pots in the hall implying things were getting done up. It didn't look at all lived in to be honest, so don't know if Darcy only uses it, perhaps with other girls, purely for punting, or if she's just in the process of moving in. The fact that her stockings were "at home" implies one of the two. 5/10

Down to business, and the cash was put in the drawer, so no trace of any kind of pimp or "help", not that I expected it from the Scottish likes of Darcy, but always good to see fully independent girls earning and fucking and purely for themselves. 90 for a half hour is quite steep, but this includes pretty much everything except anal and unlimited cumming (i.e twice) but I'm sure she'd have let me batter into her a third time if I hadn't needed to shoot off. :D In terms of VFM how many times you can actually fuck a girl and cum seems to me to be far more relevant than the actual time in a booking. At the end of the day, we're here to fuck these girls as much as we can afford to and while a pleasant nature is obviously extremely important, it's not the conversation we're there for. Since I was on a tight schedule, I never had time to find out if she was a clock watcher, but strongly got the impression she wouldn't be and that anything except her ass within the loose half hour time frame was fair game.

Darcy's attitude is top notch. She's friendly and easy going but is keen to fuck and pleasure you as well. I think she perhaps better suits the dirtier hard fucking I was looking for, but would also be adept at a more vanilla GFE or equally harder sub/dom stuff. I'd asked for stockings, suspenders and heels suggesting the outfit in her AW profile pics would be grand, but in fairness said on the phone it might be a problem, so I got her in heels, (which rightly stayed on the whole time) basque and thong. Attitude - 10/10.

Physically, Darcy is stunning. Some have commented that her face is a little disappointing, and true it isn't as good as those tits or ass, but it's by no means off-putting and gives her a look of season that I'd rate a decent 7-7.5, or even 8 with the right make-up. As we all know, her body beats most porn stars'. She could be a few inches taller but with her heels on it made her the perfect height for me to get right deep up inside her from behind, but I'll get on to that below.
Most importantly with any height however, is that her legs are quite long in proportion, giving her a high enough slim waist and flat tummy, but still a great round peachy ass that you just want to suck with tight curves in all the right places. Her enhanced tits are just great - the perfect size for her body and wonderfully pert but also as natural looking as any fake pair could be. Body - 9.5/10 (and that's me being over-critical)

Once business was out the way, she walked over to me and we started DFK-ing each other with my hands getting further and further round and up her ass. I asked what she wanted me to do to her and in a natural wanting manner she replied, "I want you to take my clothes off and eat my pussy" to which I duly obliged, first with her standing up, then lying on the edge of the bed with my fingers up inside her trap stroking her g-spot, then in her mouth tasting her own juices. Darcy has a great smooth cunt. Waxed smoothed I'd say, and nice and trim with no sloppy lips protruding her lovely firm crack. 

She then asked if I wanted to fuck her with a toy, to which I replied that I'd rather fuck her with myself and opted for some 69 instead. She has a pretty good sucking technique that goes fairly deep without being considered DT. I don't seem to respond that sensitively to oral generally and usually need to squeeze it out while being sucked and wanked really hard, so inevitably asked her to do the same, all the time still was lapping her inviting crack. When I could feel the load and orgasm building I told her, "I want to cum on your mouth then fuck you really hard" to which she simply replied "Mmm"with a mouth full of my dick. I came well and she sauntered off to the toilet to spit my load. For services I didn't have the time to sample much, but what I did was great, so will have to give another 10/10.

This girl had me properly turned on, so I never really went down after round one. Asking if I wanted a short break, but realising I was short on time, having been kept waiting outside, I told her we could just get on with a bit of foreplay, so began some more DFK and fondling. This lasted all of about 30 seconds when I asked if I could fuck her. Happily surprised, and a little amazed she asked if I'd taken Viagra but explained I was just really horny. With the rubber on, she started riding me. Getting inside her was easy enough without lube, so I was happily surprised to feel how tight she is. This was even more evident when she asked, "do you want to watch yourself fucking me in the mirror?" "Good idea!" I thought, but was then surprised when she left the bed and walked over to the corner beside the ceiling high sliding wardrobe mirror, leaned on the wall and pushed her ass out waiting for me to slip back inside her - this was an even better idea. Here I was really able to feel the depth of her tightness, pushing right up inside, pinning her in position with smooth motions with my left hand on her upper leg and right squeezing those awesome tits. She began to moan a little and did even more so when I took my hand hand off her tits and started feeling for her clit, rubbing it hard. The harder I pushed inside her, the closer I came to orgasm with her natural moans confirming she was enjoying it to before I exploded inside her. When she first started riding me I asked her if she came when fucking clients to which her response was essentially, "Sometimes, but not often." Although I never asked, I'm pretty sure she didn't cum but am even more sure I brought her close and that she enjoyed me pinning her against the wall. After I'd finished fucking her, I asked her if how I did her was okay, to which she replied with a genuine, enthusiastic and, if anything, slightly surprised sounding "Yeah that was really good." Even though you're paying for it, it's still always satisfying to know she enjoyed your dick inside at least a fraction of what you enjoyed being in her.

Nice laid back chat as I got dressed, while she did her hair in the mirror. Nice kiss goodbye and that was that. Came twice in a little over 15 min. Fucked. Satisfied.

Would definitely go back and am seriously considering it now and a repeat visit is something I've never done with any WG. If only she did anal...

5 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline rogue5

Cracking fuck ? She would have to be at £150 an hour! ;)

Booked Darcy with a couple of hours' notice a few weeks ago.

She sound very good, think this is one to add to my list, and maybe go see her Jan

Offline JazzMan

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline solway

I believe she called herself Shelley

Offline xr888

Yes, She used to work under the name Shelly in GEA/GCE.

Offline RandyF

She does appear semi-decent doesn't she, but there always seems to something not quite right.

There's another review on here suggesting she was running a cock production line when in her last flat. Other posters seemed to back this up. Comments about her munter-ish coupon don't bode well either.

Oh, and The Man With No Name? You're a fucking stud believe it!  She was lucky to get you. Your the cracking fuck, not her.  :lol:  :wackogirl:
Banning reason: Troll

To be fair, I think you're worrying too much.

I may have been the one who suggested the production line in a post early this year but I've been twice since with no evidence of it. Certainly by this stage in her "career" she doesn't need to do that.

I may also have suggested that she was plain facially. She only suffers in the facial assessment by comparison with her body assessment. Bodily, she is very, very hot and close to perfection, at least for my taste. There are many top porn stars who would give their eye teeth for her figure.

If you see her in a short, tight dress with high heels and you don't get an immediate erection-you're dead!

Her greatest enemy is complacency, brought about by her popularity and undoubted hotness. She also seems go have earned nearly enough money to fund her business plans so may be winding down. (Though I'll believe that when it actually happens!) When I saw her last, she was maybe going through the motions a little but that may have been down to me as much as her.

My advice is have a go-even if you don't click and it's a neutral, you'll have fucked one gorgeous body.

She does appear semi-decent doesn't she, but there always seems to something not quite right.

There's another review on here suggesting she was running a cock production line when in her last flat. Other posters seemed to back this up. Comments about her munter-ish coupon don't bode well either.

Oh, and The Man With No Name? You're a fucking stud believe it!  She was lucky to get you. Your the cracking fuck, not her.  :lol:  :wackogirl:

Cheers, pal. I do try my best.

Offline Tjkooker

Your missing the irony in that statement.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Your missing the irony in that statement.

And there was absolutely none in mine...

He randomly said the same sort of thing in response to my review of the Blowjob Queen - https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=42861.0. I'm worried he's started following me around, egging me on like some little devil standing on the bedpost... :diablo:

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