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Author Topic: GLASGOW STRIPPER / JENNIFER JUGS - GLASGOW  (Read 2262 times)

4 review(s) for Glasgow Stripper (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

GLASGOW STRIPPER / JENNIFER JUGS from https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1442760.

Booked for 1/2 hour whilst I was at a hotel. Biggest mistake that I didn't check up on here for reviews. Gutted. Just like "Seeker", I went ahead thanks to the images in the gallery. She definitely doesn't look like the slim girl in the pictures in the chair.

I had originally booked her for an hour, but I had a last minute meeting which meant I had to change my booking to 30mins. She didn't seem too pleased with that when I told her, but it was a good thing I didn't stay for the extra half hour! Told me to get undressed, and everything almost seemed too robotic. I was hoping I'd never have a bad punt but this was it. My first negative experience. It felt horrible but I knew I was going to face this one day or another.

As "Seeker" said, she does command / dictate everything. This might be a turn on for some people, but I felt it extremely uncomfortable and off putting.

Personality: unable to rate due to bad experience
Looks: 6/10 (to be honest, with such a shitty personality, her looks weren't that all important to me)

Just like "Seeker", I was told to finish up after around 15mins. I was honestly regretting myself for not checking UKP for reviews of her beforehand. I didn't want to argue with her, so I just got dressed and left.

I understand it was my fault for changing the booking to 30mins at the last minute, but that shouldn't be the reason why she performed so poorly. Or should it?

Would I return? No way.

It says on her profile on AW that she provides all services on the enjoy list. I can guarantee you she doesn't. I'm sure "Seeker" will also confirm this / agree with me on this.

For the price I paid, and the service I got, this was my worst punt to date and I hope none of you guys face the experience I had with this lady.

Overall Breakdown:

Looks: 6/10

Services: 3/10

Any Negatives:

Too many to list. AVOID.


No outfits/costumes available.

4 review(s) found for Glasgow Stripper linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ipunter

I think some women just loose the will, but can't do anything else... imagine the CV, 4 years self employed, 1000s of happy customers willing to give references.

Whiterhino thanks for the review sorry it wasn't great....

Offline JazzMan

I think some women just loose the will, but can't do anything else..

They don't lose the will to take the money, do they.

Great review.

Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Ipunter

They don't lose the will to take the money, do they.

Great review.

Isn't that women in general

They don't lose the will to take the money, do they.

Great review.

She was happy to take my money but as soon as the financials were out of the way, out came the robot. It was a terrible evening. I'm going to need to make another better booking soon to make way for this poor one.

6 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline seeker

Should have checked here W R.
She is the worst kind of escorts I have encountered. ...I bumped up my review of her a few days ago ...
An utter cunt,is how I would describe her . :scare:
She would give the romanian skanks a bad name  :D

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