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Author Topic: Best Anal in Glasgow?  (Read 9584 times)

Offline Tjkooker

Zara. But I prefer white girls to be honest.

Lesbian ..... Can't remember. I honestly only focused on me and what I wanted.  Was a few years ago aswell.
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Offline DG

Cheryl and MissSashaRed both offer anal and I don't think either really have an issue with size, although both do mention it when you ask. Having experienced both mature ladies, Cheryl late 40s and Sasha early 40s, they both love a good hard pounding, no pulling away at all, in fact the complete opposite. Both have great bodies for their ages, especially if you like big tits!

I saw them both within a week of each other having never had anal before; quite an experience I can tell you and one I intend to repeat with either or both of them. Would like to try a younger, slimmer girl though, that would be the ultimate. Any recommendations?

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