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Author Topic: Important Advice to newbie posters  (Read 920 times)

Hi all,

I just wanted to address an issue I have seen when looking at new topics posted by newbies on this forum. I'm not trying to be the big shot or anything as I'm making this topic based on my own experience (I am also a completely new member -1 punt and 1 review under my belt so far) and hopefully this advice will enable new members to get what they need from this forum and also help to stop pissing off the experienced members.

When posting a topic for the first time I completely respected the amount of time and effort the experienced punters have put into this forum, posting reviews and responding to other members requests for guidance/ advice, remember they dont have to post reviews or give advice, they do it to add value to everyone's experience (including theirs) as this needs to be done with a supply and demand attitude, having this mentality can save you from having a shit experience and save you a lot of money and time.

I recently created a topic after researching all I needed to know on this forum and was very surprised with the amount of responses (from very experienced members) who all provided excellent  advice all because I took the time out to research basic information and also structured the topic on the right way, I also received positive feedback from the guys about my first topic which is nice.

So information you need to provide when asking for advice:

Show you have done some research an post 2-3 profiles of people you like (check review section before asking as its likely there will be reviews in there already)
Location of punt
What you are looking for (look wise in a Working Girl aka WG) - nationality, size, skin colour, height etc
What services are you after -GFE or PSE, ow/owo, dfk/fk, alevel/norm etc etc
What your budget is and how long you want someone for
Any special services \fetishes

Like I said I'm posting this topic to help you new guys get the same type of response I did (a positive one). There is nothing worse than seeing a topic saying "does anyone know someone good in London that I can bang" as this gives the guys no information to start with and you will probably get a sarcastic or limited response.

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If I have missed anything please feel free to add to this guys.


Thanks Chris!

As a newbie its great that you have taken the time to help us get up to speed  :rolleyes:

Online James999

Can someone summarise what he said, I tried reading it but got bored  :sarcastic:

Offline yorkshire123

Can someone summarise what he said, I tried reading it but got bored  :sarcastic:

Don't come on here as a newbie & play the cunt or you will get the virtual equivalent of a bitch slap.

That's how I read it anyway  ;)
Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Thanks for that Yorkshire 123, no cuntishness intended!

Mind you with hindsight I haven't had the best start on here! I think I will start again!!!

Can someone summarise what he said, I tried reading it but got bored  :sarcastic:

8,485 posts 0 reviews....obviously it wasn't intended for you  :hi:

Offline iPad3

Can someone summarise what he said, I tried reading it but got bored  :sarcastic:

You don't really need a summary james, in short the post has a point, you won't understand that since none of yours do.....still keep trying eh!!!!

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