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Author Topic: Milfs?  (Read 4836 times)

Offline Wellydogg

That Nina is incredible shame about Glasgow :(

Offline chesterlad

Aye she was class! Used to come to Newcastle quite often but hasn't been back for a while. I've emailed her and says she might come back in the future - fingers crossed!
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Sarah from nne is top of the pop's when it comes to the sexy older lady. Hannah please open up your Ashington flat again xxx

Offline portable


I saw Nina before and she was immense, would love to see again.

Got to say I found her very disappointing when I saw her a year or so ago. Saw her in a hotel near central station in Newcastle but she was very disorganised. I say 'she' I should say 'they'... she had a very camp friend with her who came in toward the end of the session, and the two just talked like I wasn't there. Unbelievable. It was about really trivial, disorganised crap too. They were like a couple of spoilt, entitled kids. The one thing that stuck in my memory is that her friend bitching about how he didn't think he have to buy swimming trunks for the pool/sauna because he thought the hotel would supply them? Totally surreal.

Having said that, while Nina is gorgeous, she was a bit of a cold fish to be honest, didn't like DFK and was in a "lie back and think of England" mood. Such a shame.

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Offline chesterlad

Ha ha ! That camp bloke was there when I got to the room, just took the cash for her and left. Bit of a strange set up. Doubt he was there for protection - looked like the wind would have blown him over.
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