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Author Topic: As if AdultWork FRs weren't unreliable enough . . .  (Read 579 times)

Offline Marmalade

"From the 24th August 2011 to the 20th September 2011 I'm running a prize draw for all you sexy men. The prize includes a two hour booking with the lovely me, and we can do whatever you wish in the two hours. To enter the prize draw, all you have to do is make a booking via Adultwork, and write me a lovley feedback report. You will then be entered into the draw. I will pick a name out of my stocking on the 25th September 2011 at 13.00. The winner will then be emailed directly by myself [ :lol: ] and the booking is valid for one month from the 25th September 2011. Good luck you sexy men."

And not exactly Scarlett Johansson, is she . . .

Seven  :diablo: Field Reports since August 24th . . .  :rolleyes:

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almost speechless.  i dont suppose a pic of its face would improve the offer.  i admire the idea but the prize is shit and it costs to enter.

and shes got that horrible tan disease. lovrly dildo tho :P

Offline ladyofthemansion

Surely that will make her feedback worthless anyway!!

Offline Cactus

She has removed it.

Surely that make it all even worse, chaps may have booked expecting to perhaps get a free follow up after writing a bit of feedback.  Does the competition get drawn now or has this just been discarded? Surely if she has got bookings via. this promotion then she has to follow through with the prize!

I've noticed her profile when I search locally but have never really had much of a look. Spelling is horrible and too much text speak for my liking!
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Offline Marmalade

It's not like anyone would know either way, is it? Not unless she had been very unlucky. And even then, it isn't as of the National Lottery Commission is going to take an interest. Supposing someone contacted every punter who had FR'd her in the time-slot and found no-one had been 'lucky' - and assuming none had been written by her mates or herself in an Internet cafe. What does she stand to gain/lose?

If she had built up a solid reputation for integrity and valued the kudos from giving away a two hour session (which is a stretch of the imagination) then it's conceivable. Just not very likely.

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