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Author Topic: Katie House of Divine  (Read 1019 times)

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Offline 4kingace


Hi everyone.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

I thought I'd share my experience of meeting Katie at The House of Divine.

The establishment is well regarded as far as I can tell and indeed my mate told me of his wonderful experience there earlier in the year so I thought I'd give it a go.

This is what happened to me..
I rang the day before to book Katie at 11.30 on Wednesday 5th November, I was asked to call on the Wednesday morning to confirm the booking. This I did as soon as my train had reached Kings Cross (11am). I was told I'd receive a text with the address.
While I waited for the text I had a quick scout around Warren Street (on the HOD website it says that the place is only a 3 minute walk from the station), then I had a hot chocolate in McDonalds while I sat waiting for the text, I wasn't worried..the place has a good reputation and my mate had had a great time.
At 11.25 I made the call to say I hadn't received the text.
I was told they had "forgotten" to send it, and it wasn't Warren Street, you "turn left out of the station"to find it.
Baring in mind the 3 minute walk from the station I set off to find Warren Court already a bit late for my 11.30. I walked to the end of the road before giving up and calling again.
Now I find out that Warren Court is right outside the station on the left! (more like 3 seconds than 3 minutes)
So by the time I am finally at the right place it is a lot nearer 11.45 than 11.30.

I was led into a room by the maid and was offered a drink, I only had to wait for a minute or so before she arrived carrying my drink.
I was slightly disappointed by Katie in as far as she has quite a boney body (I would say a skinny size 6, think anorexic or druggy thin - not that I'm saying shes either) and she also has a lot of tattoos that are airbrushed out of the verified pictures on the HOD website.
She isn't unattractive and she probably is early 20's. I don't know if my late arrival had made her less friendly towards me but she didn't seem delighted to see me.

I wanted a GFE, if it was a grumpy PMT version of a girlfriend then it was perfect to a tea.
I went to kiss her but she hardly allowed more than a peck on her lips before twisting away (annoyingly on her profile she lists DFK), so again disappointed. She wasn't keen on me touching her hair either, if I went to stroke it, she'd flick it out of my way.
She did kneel down and release my cock from my trunks and sucked me hard which was good . On to the bed and I went back to kiss her lips (again she didn't appear too keen) so I kissed down her neck and down to her tits and sucked each nipple - neither of which became erect (maybe my fault) and I followed her tattoo down her belly kissing all the way until I reached her pussy.

She was a little stubbly downstairs but she did smell and taste good. I spent a while licking and fingering her which she did seem to enjoy.
Then it was my turn, she got me to lie on the bed whilst sucking my cock, I asked her for a little more teeth on my shaft which she gave me and then after a minute or so she suggested I rubber up and we fuck.

So we fucked in a number of positions, but we weren't in any position for very long before Katie would suggest moving to a different one.

After about 20 minutes (I guess) there was a knock at the door. The times nearly up knock. I was not too impressed with this because it was HOD's fault I arrived late by forgetting to send the address text. I made a remark about it but I felt like it was pointless to make too much fuss, we were hardly getting on like a house on fire anyway.

I was asked where I wanted to cum, neck down!!, despite the profile saying CIM!! More disappointment

So as Katie laid down on the bed, halfheartedly stroking her pussy I tried to wank over her tits...
The tumbledrier in the room spinning merrily along.
Two fan heaters blasting out heat.
Katie looking desperately uninterested.
Me fretting about the time.
Finally my cock wilted and lost interest without cuming!

So with a cheery "nice meeting you, the maid will see you out" I was left alone to get dressed and reflect upon what had just happened.

I wouldn't say it was a complete disaster, I should have just banged away in her pussy til I came but I wanted to see her dressed in my come.

HOD is (ironically) very easy to find.
Cheap prices.

Not sure the verified photos are that informative.
The likes profile certainly wasn't..no DFK, no CIM.
Katie didn't seem into it and didn't make much effort in getting ready (decent dress and undies but just socks on...no heels!!)
Not much effort in getting it on either.

I would try HOD again, and maybe Katie will be better for other people. Personally I found her to be one of those who wants to take the money but not provide the service.

Offline StevenS

That's not neutral. That's a fucking huge negative.

Hope the next punt is better.

Offline 4kingace

I was being nice due to it being my very first post.
But yeah it felt quite a negative experience.
And thanks.

Offline Davebrown

Should have tried Chloe or Jai, much better looking and give a good service. HOD is normally very organised must have been a busy day
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