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Author Topic: recommendations in Brighton/Hove area please?  (Read 1277 times)

Offline Curious

Hi guys.
I normally punt in London but have a weekend with friends in the Brighton area coming up.
I'm aiming to 'pick someone up' using my incredible charm when we're all out together and finish up with a couple of paid hours, preferably but not necessarily at hers.
I've done this before and it's not too difficult with the right girl, so, looking for your recommendations English girls  25-35 real years old who like/can handle the social side.
Sultry Shelley currently https://www.adultwork.com/2323593 or Anika Mae(if you remember her?) might be examples.
I'd be very grateful for any thoughts or ideas you may have... thanks!
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Offline ivandobski

gotta be daisy rock. awsome fuck

Offline F3rm4t

Anika Mae(if you remember her?)

I do remember her funnily enough, very interesting character.

Do you know where she disappeared to?

Offline Curious

Still in Brighton - I've got her on facebook..

Offline F3rm4t

Really?  Her website disappeared, as did any AW listing, well as far as I know anyway.

I assume she had stopped working.  Is that not the case?  How does one find her?

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