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Author Topic: Dirty Destiny  (Read 3303 times)

9 review(s) for destiny dream (7 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ruffrider


This girl is sexy as hell!, long dark hair small boobs, one of them pierced, the cutest arse...!
Some of you may know her as she Lap Dances in Cardiff.
Visited her at her home in Treforest, pretty easy to find.
Time – 1 hour
Place – Treforest near the University
Physique – very nice size 6-8, 5ft 6”
Face 8 out of 10
Kissing - light french
Sexual positions - Any (she prefers doggy)
Anal – Not asked for.
Oral – Without Condom
Reverse oral – Yes
Shower - Not offered
Refreshments provided - Yes
Overall – Great sex, would visit again

9 review(s) found for destiny dream linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Been thinking about visiting her... Thanks for the review

Offline Sepiroth

how close is to close for a punt i wonder

Offline ruffrider

how close is to close for a punt i wonder
No worries but watch out for her dog!  :lol:

Offline ruffrider

Been thinking about visiting her... Thanks for the review

She does have a dog...! But its a teacup dog! haha!

Are bookings through AW.. and what type of notice does she require.

Offline ruffrider

Are bookings through AW.. and what type of notice does she require.
Booking are through AW, then she will text you with the location. dont think she works on the weekend as she will probably be dancing.

Offline Mil 34

I saw her on Thursday and had a very enjoyable time. Booked her for an hour but had to leave earlier than expected for work so had to cut it to half. Very understandable.
Fair play to this girl , great little body , pretty face , great bum I've hung onto for a few weeks.
Finished with cim. Didn't swallow but , you can't have it all lol

Booked her.. I hope she is good as she sounds.. good comms and easy to book.. almost instant response.. details exchanged.. I am hoping she will let me bum her.. :yahoo:

So I popped up to see her and popped her twice.. nice overall experience and I did enjoy her company. A bed would have been nice but sofa was ok once in position.  I may do a small review to cover a few points but all in all well worth a try.  I probably will see her again but maybe not in a hurry.  No regrets she is a top piece of Welsh arse. :thumbsup:

Offline aardvark

 .......... and the butt-fuck??

.......... and the butt-fuck??
Well I didn't pin my hopes on it as so many say they do and don't.  Her reason was she needs to know in advance.. which my original email stated.. she asked if I was disappointed and I said maybe next time.   It will just have to wait.. she did ask how her pussy felt while I was drilling her from the back.. to which i responded absolutely lovely.. she does have a nice bum.. and when she danced for me and bent over I did feel slightly disappointed that I wasn't gonna get that tonight.. but I am glad I seen her even though the place stunk of mary joanna and she made me bring my own condoms and pick up fags for her on my way.  GFE almost.. she had a party in her place yesterday.. I did think she might ask me to take the rubbish out. :D

she made me bring my own condoms and pick up fags for her on my way.

if that didn't deserve anal then I don't know what would, next time it will be bread and milk  :cry:

Offline Lothario

I saw Destiny about a month ago and can confirm that she's very petite, pretty and it feels great to shag a genuine lap dancer!

What I wasn't too keen on though (as others have reported) was having to bring my own rubbers. It's apparently her own house that she works from, so surely she could keep a supply, rather than have the awkwardness of picking them up from your local shop (where they may know you're married etc)?

I also wasn't keen that she was literally lighting up a fag the second I turned my back and must have had three or four whilst I was there. Punters' wives are obviously going to find it strange if their clothes small of fags, if both are non-smokers. Surely an hour without smoking is doable for most people???

On the positive, she has amazing oral skills and a tongue piercing - I don't know why working girls don't advertise this more on their profiles, e.g. it's not mentioned on Destiny's. We moved up to the bedroom (and not the sofa as mentioned by previous posters) but she should definitely invest in a new mattress as the springs were poking holes in me!

Destiny would be great if she fixed certain annoyances, e.g. put the dog in a room when clients are there, change the battery on the smoke alarm (constant irritating beeping), bought some rubbers and stopped chain smoking in front of clients. I did feel a little guided to do things quickly in a certain order but Destiny was happy and compliant to try everything I requested.

In short, could be 9/10 if she sorted the easily fixable issues above. 
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Had my eye on her but as a non-smoker I couldn't think of anything more repellant than a girl stinking of smoke etc..... Cracking body or not.

Offline jtfm

Seen her a few weeks back (outcall), don't remember her wanting a fag, perhaps that's why she was moaning? She was a decent punt but the OTT noises do fuck all for me.
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