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Author Topic: Gorgeous Claudia [Fake review]  (Read 841 times)

Offline Neverspell

It's a funny world, it really is. I'd taken a break from punting for so many reasons - my wallet being prime amongst them, but also because for me there are no half measures, I would push it to extremes and then be sorry later... So I retired from punting and tried repairing the damage done to my wallet.

But as time went on the inevitable itch came back, and then got to the point where it had to be scratched... And so I found myself trawling AW.

And just like that I'd remembered the other reason I'd quit - the time wasters and other undesirables.

I made a list of the potential new candidates who would soon be receiving my baby batter... And after 3 consequent failures (why do some of these girls even bother to answer the phone?), I decided 'fuck it' and to take a trip down memory lane instead and put in a call to GorgeousClaudia. https://www.adultwork.com/2064995 or https://www.adultwork.com/GorgeousClaudiaxxx

Friendly and engaging it was like talking to an old girlfriend with whom I had 'unfinished business' with. A time was set 2 hours hence, confirmed and off I sallied for an afternoon of fun...

I've seen Claudia before and reviewed her on here, but that was a long time ago now and after my recent reunion an update is definitely required.

I arrived at the apartment (really nice place actually) and parked up with no problems, rang the doorbell and was buzzed in.

Claudia looked even better than I had remembered. Tall, blonde, and fucking gorgeous standing in front of me in the French maids outfit I'd requested (I have a bit of a weakness for the classics) - tits heaving, cleavage exposed, with stockings and heels. Could have shot my bolt at the sight of her on its own!

Paperwork and getting reacquainted out of the way, I was led by the hand to the bedroom (love a woman who can take control in the most subtle of ways - you know she's doing it, but you don't mind).

We started off with the obligatory blowjob - in that outfit it just had to be done - Claudia looking up at me the whole time. It was no good even trying to hold back, Claudia doesn't have good oral skills - she has epic oral skills. I told her I was gonna cum thinking to decorate those fantastic tits of hers, but she just kept on going and I emptied my balls down her throat, in the end I had to ask her to stop because I couldn't take anymore - this is a girl who really likes her work!

Claudia offered me a drink while I recovered, treating me to a strip tease as I lay there with my cock in my hand, willing it back to life. To be fair that didn't take long...

Round two started the only way it could have with lots of kissing, touching, noises. I could tell she was really enjoying herself from the way she was throwing herself into it. Doggy style was the order of the day - I like a nice ass and Claudia certainly has that in spades. I entered her with ease, she was so wet,  and it was a joy to watch her gorgeous tits bounce as I thrust into her, her hair thrown back as she turned her head and urged me to fuck her harder.

Flipping her over I went for missionary so I could see her face, which reminded me a bit of a younger Michelle Pfeiffer. She looked right at me calling me all sorts of filthy things as I fucked her. I could take no more and came so hard I saw stars, she came too over and over, unable to stop, finally ending with her delicious cunt twitching around my rapidly wilting cock.

I wanted to go for round three, I really did, but just couldn't. Now I'm cursing myself I didn't.

And with that my punting retirement came to an end, wallet aside, what had i been thinking? Now I'm thinking just how should I follow this up - wonder how Claudia would feel about a little bondage...

Banning reason: Prostitute posing as punter

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