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Author Topic: Hottie_Raisa - Oxford  (Read 1036 times)

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Offline Lewis


One of those "it'll do" punts I'm afraid. Either the 13 positive reviews left for her are fake, or they're more easily pleased than I am.

Whilst she's friendly enough, she doesn't come across as being very forward and making the first move.
Also speaks very little English, although it's better than the last time I saw her a few months ago when she was last in Oxford and could hardly utter one word of English. I only went back for a 2nd time as there was nothing else doing late Saturday evening and she answered her phone and said she was still available.
Pierced tongue, right nipple, and clit. Loves to kiss. Shaved.
No OWO unfortunately. Straight on with the rubber before going down on the old chap.
A BIG obsession with air fresheners, and I mean BIG. One automatic one on each wall that keeps going hiss in turn, several stand alone ones on the dressing table, and several aerosol type ones stood on the floor, and one on nearly every step of the stairs leading up to the bedroom. You could quite easily mistake it for a branch of Boots.

If you do want to see her, I suggest you hurry up before she moves on and one of her other Romanian friends swaps locations with her. Also known to work in Cambridge, Northampton, Scotland, to name but a few places. Friends with SexyNicoll ( www.adultwork.com/2446555 - currently in Cambridge) who's had a poor review on here, and confirmed by myself. Also friends with xx DirtySara xx ( www.adultwork.com/2636682 - currently in Aberdeen ) who isn't too bad, but also doesn't do OWO. They're all part of the same Romanian crew.
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2 review(s) found for SexyNicoll linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)
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Offline Stiltskin

Just wondering, does she resemble her verified profile image? The reason I ask is that most girl's look dog rough in these pictures. I'm wondering if she looks better in the flesh.

Offline Lewis

She looks better in the flesh. Mind you, the only real time I actually had a good look at her was when she opened the door, and following her up the stairs. Oh, and when she put the bedroom light on so I could get dressed afterwards. The rest of the time the room was dimly lit by a couple of scented candle tea lights (her, and her damn air fresheners!) and I could hardly see anything.

1 review(s) found for CHERRY 4you linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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