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Author Topic: Ireland - County Wexford  (Read 534 times)

Offline madeinwales56

 We have just bought a little spread (six bedrooms, two acres, in the middle of nowhere for the price of a small family car!) in Wexford and as the place is gonna take some doing up it may give me the opportunity to spend some time over there without Mrs MIW. I have searched the boards on here for Wexford but nothing comes up. It seems like Escorts Ireland has the monopoly on prossies in that part of the world but I was wondering if any UKP members know of any independents who operate in that area. Any recommendations or suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance. MIW.

Offline Lambeth19

As you have said Escort Ireland is the main site, might be best to stop off in Dublin on your way down to Wexford.

Also give Craigslist a go, perhaps put in your own ad, sometimes you get some enterprising housewifes who want some extra cash and need a good seeing to!

Offline madeinwales56

Good thinking Wetday. Thanks for the advice.