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Author Topic: Cannot be true!  (Read 1170 times)


This must be a scam/wind up.

Nobody is this cheap!!  £115 for an overnight.

Even if she paid me £115 a night I wouldn't as she does bareback  :scare:

No saying I would. Something that cheap can't be good for you!

Hmm, we'll have to see how long this profile lasts.  The wording "I love to be pushed around and told what to do" is familiar from other profiles in the past which have proved to be scams.  Yes, too cheap to be true.

Offline Tailpipe

"I slept around for a few years"  :D :D :D

Its all rock and roll to me.

its windup for sure

could be westie again looking for attention

Offline robs one

real classy, she'd make more money cleaning cars!

Offline scooby73

Have to agree. Profile will be gone within a couple of weeks at most.

Offline raylondoner

Probably some guy with nothing better to do

Offline sam55

"I get tested every four weeks without fail so if you like bareback then I am your girl!"

That's Ok then.   :dash:

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