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Author Topic: Steffirstclass - Nottingham  (Read 1194 times)

13 review(s) for stefffirstclass (11 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Ipunter


My first punt, seems Stef is quite a few people firsts on here.  Here's my story:

After a while being registered on AW I came across Stef, found her profile to be very basic with many errors (fair enough) messaged her saying I new to this hence no feedback and the time and date, got a reply reasonably quickly saying that's fine, here's my post code and wanted me to text her in the morning.  Thinking this was how WGs did their business I thought nothing of it, next morning text her, got her post code again and said see you at 10. 

I got to the post code, rang her, she said come round the back to where her flat was, walked round the corner to find a massive iron gate like 12 foot tall, she came out of one of two doors, drinking a carton of fruit juice wearing bra knickers and a see though nighty and slippers, she then directed me through the other door into the bedroom took the payment and told me to take all my clothes off and get on the bed..... (Me thinking this is what to expect) she disappeared for a few minutes and came back with wet wipes.

Without any prompt from me she began rubbing her hands all over me everywhere, she took her bra off and started rubbing her tits in my face.  Once hard she put on a condom and started giving me oral, which was average at best a lot of cheek action and used her teeth, she then asked where did I want her, I said on top, so on she came grabbed my dick guided it into her pussy and lent forward... (Now I'm thinking WTF.... ) So I thought ok I started pumping away, she started getting involved and after a short while I CAME. She continued as if nothing happened then after about a minute she asked if I had cum (not sure I could have made it any clearer to her) I said yes she climbed off me, took the condom off and cleaned my dick with the wet wipes, then laid next to me and started questioning me about the male orgasm saying she thought it was linked to the leg muscles because when a man cums his legs shake...... (Moving on lol) had a nice chat about tv shows, she asked if I wanted to watch tv with her, I said our time is almost up she said fair enough asked if I wanted a shower, I declined as I was heading home anyways.

While I was getting changed she went into the bath room / ensuite linked to the room and had a piss... With me pretty much getting changed in the doorway, she didn't seem to bothered she chatting while peeing...

We said our good byes and she lead me out.


I certainly didn't feel rushed as she wanted me to stay and watch TV lol.
She had a bit of a BO smell... I was the first booking of the day....
She cleaned my dick with wet wipes before and after, no OWO
She has large flaps which need to be untangled
Amazing body
Worn looking face... Like a couple of WGs from breaking bad
Seems to be very basic - still really nice

Rating 7/10

When I got home I found a message from her on AW, I was thinking it was telling me to leave feedback, as I didn't make a booking on AW I was unsure how to leave her feedback. The message said she's free for a visit at 11:30am, she sent this just after I left her... lol it's kind of worrying she must of had no idea where I came from...

Other than that I would recommend
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13 review(s) found for stefffirstclass linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline NottsDB

How was this positive? Sounded like the punt from hell haha.

She claims to kiss and have a tight pussy. Any info bud?  ;)

Offline CoolTiger

Profile shows OWO as discretion. Had you discussed this in advance with her, or were you happy with OW?

Offline Ipunter

How was this positive? Sounded like the punt from hell haha.

Positive because it was easy with no stress...

I think for owo you don't get sex. It's 60 quid for a owo and foreplay.

She didn't kiss me at all and her pussy is 1 finger tight!

I sort of rolled with it as it was my first punt. There I was thinking I covered everything haha

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