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Author Topic: Stella of Reading  (Read 1137 times)

5 review(s) for Stella of Reading (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Sorted

Ok - so I know I haven't posted a review here before, but I am an experienced punter - over 20 years now.

I went to see Stella in Reading based on the back of other reviews on here - I'm a little pissed, which might become clear - but too long in the tooth and experienced as a punter to worry about it or go back for another "hour session".

https://www.adultwork.com/1333330 or https://www.adultwork.com/Stella+of+Reading

The punt was in a terraced house, It had a dim waft of fag smoke and cats. I got the felling there was someone else in the house.

The girl herself - well - she is stunning to look at - think Cameron Diaz 15 years back and your wont be far off. She is a true size 6, with tiny breasts, slim, long legs - a real cutie. What lets her down is her service levels - now don't get me wrong - I know it's a £100 hour punt, but you kinda expect to get the time you pay for and not get whacked with extras of £20 for OWO the moment you walk in the door and get asked to deal with the paper work.

The only thing not making this a negative due to the absurd & awful time keeping -  and clear skills this young lady has developed for delay tactics, was how fit she was - honestly - she might as well charge £100 for 15 minutes as that's all I got in the sack.

So if you go, pay for 30 mins, expect to pay extra for OWO, her covered wasn't great mind, IF you like like them slim cute fit and knock down attractive - and can cope with a somewhat  detached experience with a well positioned kiss am inch higher that your mouth making DKF impossible, then without doubt go for it.

I dunno - had I not read the other review and gone in blind on a 30 min punt then I perhaps I would have been happier - and IF I do return to feel that delightfully tight pussy grace my cock again, then that's firmly what I will return for - no more no less.

5 review(s) found for Stella of Reading linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline HawkG

Without wishing to be more specific than one should be in a forum like this, is this 'terrace house' the one I'm thinking of, opposite a park in East Reading?

Offline berksboy

      Its been a working house for about 15 years now.

Offline Sorted

      Its been a working house for about 15 years now.

Ha ! Can you tell I'm new to the area - still stand by the report - great looking gal - lacking in time keeping and a total clock/time watcher/killer.

No doubt a 30 minute punt would e worthy of a return.

Offline HawkG

If this is the "Tigger" house I'm thinking of, it used to be ok in the early days, I thought. Haven't been there for ages though.

Offline berksboy

          Yep thats the one , cant remember if the tigger is still there but the fat guy is.

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