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Author Topic: Birmingham price decreases.  (Read 1003 times)

Offline Borat

Well from the increase in prices from last week to £120, I see a lot of profiles offering. £70-£90 for the hour again.
Of course, you still have the odd fairies driving up/down to 'tour' who are still asking for more than a ton.
Cannot figure out what's going on but there are a lot lore profiles springing up.

I've even had a couple of £60 hour recently.

Offline MrBamboo

I think you will find Prossies know that demand will go up at the end of the month as most folk will get paid then and will have money in the bank to spend, hence they put their prices up to maximise profits.

Offline JV547845

I don't think the new profiles are representative of the market as so many of them are scams.  Most of the Birmingham WGs on my HL have been the same price, maybe a couple of been up or down a tenner.

Offline Borat

Both of you are right it seems.

I definitely think that there has been an above average increase in new profiles recently.
I think UKP reviews are hitting home for a lot of prossies as they are knocking off ten or twenty as a deal breaker there and then on the phone call.

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