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Author Topic: SEXYPORSHA, Chelsea, SW3 – yet another superlative Polish Girlfriend Experience.  (Read 4558 times)

12 review(s) for SEXYPORSHA (10 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Jimmyredcab

impossible to read something that long on a phone!between writing these reviews and your daily punting how do you find time to do anything else?

Too long for me, maybe there should be a limit on the size of reviews, similar to Twitter.   :hi:

Offline the lurker

I think people on here get far too concerned with whether a review is marked positive negative or neutral. If the reviewer describes accurately what happened with the WG then that is enough surely? I have read negative reviews that have made me want to book a girl and positive reviews that made me think not for me thanks. All I really want to know is, is it the girl in the picture, and is she any good.

Offline west8

I believe the attitude you bring to a punt makes a difference and a good provider responds in kind.

I agree 100%. I think that bringing a PMA to any punt reaps dividends with any girl. They love optimistic and polite guys more than they like good looking guys with big cocks who think they're God's gift.

look on google maps ... i swear thats her leaving the place? !!

Holy shit ... I think it is too!

Is it noticeable that her breasts are enhanced?

Barely. She has one of the best boob jobs I've ever seen. They felt great too.

btw is the bed still squeaky as mentioned in a previous review?

hahaha!  :D Yes! Her 'bedroom' was actually the living room - but that's part of what makes her flat so ideal. It's the best room I have ever visited in Chelsea Cloisters. Huge mirrors at the head of the bed too. Porsha loves watching herself having sex! :hi: Also, the jacuzzi bath in her pictures is in that flat. :)

Yep, that happened to me too :D Shame, as she was a really good punt, but clearly didn't like my "explicit" review :D

Dude, I almost shot my load reading your review. It's was 90% of the reason I booked her. I talked with her again tonight, so I'm not blacklisted (yet). Fingers crossed...

Offline kwahima

Banning reason: Posting trash reviews / Tout

Offline west8

awwww i hate squeaky bed  :dash:

With Porsha bouncing on your cock, you'll forget about the squeaks, trust me  ;)

Would hate to live in the apartment below though!

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