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https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%2Djana123 or https://www.adultwork.com/2593420

punt was about 4 weeks ago but wasn't a member here so couldn't review at the time.

she's not my usual type but she was on my hotlist as she said in her description she has sexy little size 3 feet. which sounded right up street.

phoned her about 230pm on a Friday, she didn't answer but she text straight away saying 'text me' I'm always weary when a WG wants to text instead of talking on the phone. so I text asking about a booking for 315pm and she replies yes that's fine. and sends me postcode. ( at this point I'm convinced that I'm actually texting her pimp or bf)

she works out of  the  budget ibis hotel on Bristol st. (formerly the etap) I go straight to lift as she already text me the room number. (no problems getting pass reception I might add)
there's a guy on the computers who glances up at me (in the lobby not reception) but I take no notice. she opens the door in average lingerie. she looks like her pictures I guess but definitely isn't 25 maybe 33/34ish.

I look straight to her feet and to my horror they are not nice. not a size 3 and not a lick of polish. totally unmaintained. she does have manicured nails which goes in her favour however. I decide to only have a quickie (was gonna have 30 mins but her feet were the deal breaker)

starts off with some oral with, which wasn't the best and then I fuck her missionary. her tits are ok but not as perky as in her pictures and her stomach isn't as flat either, which she points to and laughs and says "no I don't go to the gym" when I say she's has nice body and must workout, in a tongue in cheek way.

I ask her if I could go down on her and she says no, she only does that with bf. but she does let me cum on her tits. which makes for an alright finish i suppose. Make some small talk as I'm getting Dressed then leave. she's messaging on her phone as she was when i first arrived and laughing out loud at whatever she texting. I deduce that guy on the computer downstairs must be her bf. who leaves the room for the punt hangs out in the lobby, then goes back up when you've finished. (what a lovely relationship) on my way out through the lobby I make eye contact with him and flash him a cheeky smile as if to say I know you're her bf. he quickly looks away and I exit the hotel.

overall very average punt. she was a nice enough girl and friendly with a good sense of humour, but she's not really my type and almost just lay there during the sex.

fee was £35 for 15 mins ( originally was gonna be £50. for half hour )

1 review(s) found for Czech-sexy-Jana linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Borat

No surprise there.

Her profile stinks to high heaven the way she tags everyone who enquiries about OWO as timewaster. She's filled the whole page with bullshit and comes across as desperate (no surprise there either if OWO isn't on offer).
She had another profile where the feedback was hidden.
She probably learnt her trade from those prossies who advertise under the poster's name of 'diana' on Viva - provide escort services.

Offline sushi

Shes copied and pasted this...

Q. What services do you offer and whats included in the price?    
A.Money is paid for time and company. Anything we decide to do in our time together is at our discretion. You will never be charged "extra" for "services" as you are paying for my time. I have listed in my profile things I enjoy.

But on her profile....

Yes u can film me but for my privacy i don't want my face to be visible in the video and is EXTRA CHARGED 
Watersports £10 extra
Domination £20 extra
Anal £30 extra

She don't have sex listed on her likes list either so basically her profile is a load of bollocks.  :thumbsdown:

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