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Author Topic: Sexy horny tammy  (Read 1539 times)

18 review(s) for Sexy Horny Tammy (13 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline johncee83


Firstly, cheers Taz for sniffing this one out as I probably wouldn't of bothered without reading your review. As a tribute to Taz this review will be as fluffy as possible.

Tried phoning a few times and got no answer, so I sent a text and got a quick reply and organized a half hour with Tammy. As she opened the door, the first thing that struck me about her was her beautiful body. The long blonde hair, full breasts and wide hips with a tiny waist and one of the most delicious backsides I've ever gazed upon. She greeted me with a kiss and ushered me into the bedroom.

After paying her and jumping into a quick shower we got down to business. Tammy massaged me for 5-10 minutes, her touch was amazing and she really relaxed my stressed shoulders and back. I turned over and Tammy offered me owo/ow, and I opted for owo. She slowly kissed my thighs and nutsack whilst gazing up at me with her beautiful eyes, licking and teasing with her tongue. By the time she finally took my cock in her mouth I was rockhard, and she sucked and licked like a pro. As she expertly sucked me she played with my balls, as i played with her lovely massive tits.

Next she turned around and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my face for some 69. I licked her sweet pussy whilst playing with her asshole and rubbing her cheeks and tits. She squealed in ecstasy as I tongued her warm wet hole. After a short while we both could take no more, and Tammy expertly slipped a johnny over my dick and said 'John, take me doggy. fuck me hard'

I bent her over and gazed upon her amazing ass as I slipped in and out her tight pussy. Her huge boobs were bouncing everywhere and she was moaning in pleasure as  passionately pumped away at her. Next I flipped her onto her back and spread her legs, again licking her pussy and teasing her clit with my tongue then I fucked her missionary for a while whilst deeply kissing her soft, inviting lips.

To finish Tammy got down on her knees in front of me and took me in her mouth until I could hold back no more and exploded my juice right into her soft warm mouth, her gazing up into my eyes as I orgazmed right into her mouth. Oh, what a stunning and sexy woman and what a time I had.

Non Mills & Boon Version,

She sucked dick like a pure pro, smoking hot body and great tits/ass. Her english was pretty good, she understood everything and we had a wee chat at the end, she seems a genuinely nice girl. good shag but for me best part by far her oral, and cim. My half hour overran by about 15 mins so no clock watcher either (although I think she was quiet as I was given a 3 hour window to choose when to see her) I would rate her at about a 7/10 - her body is fucking amazing but she does, facially anyway, look a wee bit like Jodie Marsh! anyway still a fun time was had

Cheers Taz, good lad top find! 

18 review(s) found for Sexy Horny Tammy linked to in above post (13 positive, 2 neutral, 3 negative)

Great review...I loved both versions......girls a bargain at £60/£100 isn't she,,,,

Offline johncee83

Definitely a bargain! She's one of the better EE girls I've seen, and by far the best Hungarian cos the rest were shit! After reading the reviews last week and missing the other hungarians who passed through the town I didn't want to miss this one

Offline chico1000

Went to see Tammy and agree with everything that has been said great girl.  Only thing was about two hours before the punt got a text from her to the effect that she had ran out of condoms and asked if either I could bring them or we would need to cancel. Obviously she had been shagged rotten by all you punters on UKP after all these good reviews.   As I was travelling some distance I thought bugger that I will buy some condoms.  How difficult was that I thought, well it turned into a bit of an ordeal went into a tesco, then a spar before trying the gents in several pubs before finding a pub with a condom machine except this was no ordinary condom machine.  This was a fun machine and had all kinds of johnnies including ones that blew up into a small sheep.  Anyway the most sensible one was a packet that glowed in the dark at £2 a pop.  Great a thought put two pounds and out came the packet except it only contained one and I started thinking I meant need two you never know.  But just as I was about to feed the machine a bloke came into the loo so I thought I will get another one just before I leave. Stuffed the box into my pocket And went back outside and ordered a drink from a rather tasty barmaid.  After a few minutes went back in to the gents and got glow in the dark condom no 2 only to come back out to discover that first condom packet was lying on the bar floor where I had ordered my drink.  Mortified I  nonchalantly  sauntered up to the bar ordered another drink and bent down to pretend to tie my shoelaces and recover the offending item.
Anyway went on the date no more dramas Tammy was very sweet offered to pay for the condoms and being a gentleman I refused.  Anyway Tammy was great and only used one glow in the dark condom.  At the end of the date I asked her if she had any other punters booked for this evening and she told me just a friend and they were going to watch a film together the friend was a punter who had been round a few times.   I then said To her that I enjoyed my time with her and I could understand why she was so highly recommended on UKP and she then told me that her friend that was coming round to watch the film was the person that had first put a review of her on UKP.  So Tazman  or whoever if you end up shagging Tammy tonight after your film and your tadger glows in the dark you owe me a big drink.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline pete-piper

I've got a booking with her on Thursday.

I had my eye on her for a while and the latest reports were all I needed to make me go for it.

Out of interest,  how tall is she?


Well thanks for the condo ...it was a bit of a tight fit but managed to squeeze it on lol.

Yeah well after a great session with Tammy last night (I will put a review up soon) we were just chatting....I was in the shower and Tammy was standing outside naked and looking gorgeous.....I was getting turned on again just watching her whilst showering and talking.

Anyway after I came out she jumped in for a shower whilst I dried myself off and we chatted some more....now watching a sexy hot bodied girl who you have just had sex with is a major turn on lol..

Came out and I offered to dry her off....I'm a gentleman you see....went into the loving room both bollock naked and lay down on her soft blanket with the candles flickering in the back ground...for the next 2hr we cuddled up both completely naked and enjoyed some drinks as we caressed each other bodies softly.....stealing a sneaky kiss when we both could ..it was pure bliss and so nice and relaxing..... I could get used to that........

......well that's what you think happened.....I wish.....

What actually happened....lots of wet PSE style cock sucking by Tammy ...then we fucked like rabbits in every position possible........I had a shower and left...... :(...

Field report to follow........but guys....don't miss out on the chance to see her ...she gets hotter and sexier the more I get to know her......

Offline chico1000

You definitely owe me a pint unless of course she had a stash of sheep condoms especially for you.  I see you managed to fix the towel rail.
On that subject try to convince her to stay in weggie land rather than visiting our sheep shagging cousins in Aberdeen next week.  I would put her height a bit shorter but as previously said cracking body.   I have to say I have followed a few of your recommendations and they have been spot on and I suppose I better say thanks and let you have that condom for free. Sorry wait a minute I remember you recommended that  Scottish Blonde in Clydebank that set up was a bit weird and she was a bit of a pain... you still owe
Banning reason: Troll

Taz my man you persuaded me! I'm in. Seeing her tonight. Review soon.

Will post my review tomorrow morning once I've recovered

 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Lol....sounds like you a great time

Offline johncee83

She must off took a few UKP boabies this weekend by the sound of it haha! anyone else think she looked like a less ugly Jodie Marsh?

Offline BigBandy

Looks really good will try and get to see her

I'm honestly warming to her looks.......I think she is way better than Jodie Marsh.....by a mile

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