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Author Topic: Your "Double Decker?"  (Read 766 times)

Online Corus Boy

Not a fantasy, one that is practical, possible and available.

Many years ago at a flat in Swindon with some very pretty ladies was the first time I saw the "Double Decker" offered and I've just seen it mentioned on another Welsh thread.

Simply it is an hour booking at the hourly rate for the establishment but you get to choose two girls, one for the first 30 minutes who then leaves, you have shower and recovery time before your alternative choice joins you for your second 30 minutes.  There is no girl on girl interaction, just two 30 minutes bookings back to back.

I doubt if I could manage the recovery turn around now but if I could I would go for;

Jessica 23 Baby


xox Nicky xox

I've visited both for seperate sessions but if my body could cope, one after the other would be great fun, I think :)

Of course you have the difficulty of choosing who goes first  :D

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22 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (19 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline aardvark

Yes, I saw the 'double decker' on the website of the website of the establishment that I originally asked about on that thread - and was grateful when someone commented upon what it was. 

I sounds like a great idea to me! I can usually manage a second pop in an hour, but sometimes feel a bit rushed with the second one due to recovery time. Does the second girl just follow straight in after the first, or is there some recovery time between them (within reason). 

Once or twiceI have had to extend a punt by half an hour to get a second pop in - I have always wondered whether it would be possible to book two half hour sessions with a girl, separated by about half an hour to an hour, at the hour rate.  Has anyone ever tried to negotiate this?  I suspect it would be significantly easier with a Brit girl than a foreign one.

I suppose it would be easier to arrange in a parlour.

Offline aardvark

Of course you have the difficulty of choosing who goes first  :D

The one who would look best wearing your first eruption ........... :hi:

Offline darkvamp

I'd love a threesome with those two lol

Has anyone asked if available.. I  had it in the past from the WQ girls and would definitely  do it with these two.  I once visited a flat many years ago in the same area and opted to see a young blonde on offer.. there was an older woman there who wasn't having any of it as she hadn't been fucked all day.. she agreed to a 3sum as the younger one was getting ready to hit the town.. so porked her first while she was there.. on a single bed which was crowded.. there was a water bed  available but was awkward on there so single it was.. after the young blonde left I gave her a dam good fuck as she was so persistent  in making me see her.. and she asked for a lift home after.. which I did as I am a nice guy.

I had a 'double-decker' in Bay massage over ten years ago. Unfortunately I wasn't given sufficient time to recover after the first girl so failed to pop for a second time. It was still a good experience though.

The mistake I made was to choose the best looking girl first. If you leave the best till last then you'd have more chance of completing the job. The only trouble with that is that in a busy parlour your chosen girl might be tied up with another punter at that point and then the madam will send in any girl that is free at the time. 

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