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Author Topic: anne of lavenders  (Read 1189 times)

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Offline jarrovian

Whenever I go to lavender's I always just take pot luck as to which girl I get. As it happens, the last three visits have all resulted in my massage being with Anne, so I thought it about time I posted a review. First of all some of you may feel I paid over the odds but hey I love my massages and if I am enjoying it l don't mind paying a bit extra. Started off £40 1hr massage. This was a good massage if not the best and after a little playing with my halls Anne asked me to turn over which I did. She then climbed on the bed with me and asked me to sit up and with her legs overlapping mine she began to play with my cock while we had a bit small talk. Having seen her a few times now I know the score and its £40 for tits out and pussy fingering. I declined the pussy this time, as she asks you to put on a rubber glove so you don't get to actually feel the wetness. Anyway she continued wit the cock play and included cuddling and kisses, just to the neck and cheek before asking me to lie back again. She then put my cock between her beautiful tits and began to give me a wonderful titwank . I was soon thrusting my cock between her breasts. As I  came she pulled my cock away and wanked me to a great finish before returning to the normal massage. I must say she is growing on me, and I personally find her very attractive
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Offline big p ne

is that the slim blond girl mate. if not has anyone seen the slim blond girl

Offline jarrovian

No slim blonde is Diana, saw her when she first started. Good massage and he. Was one of her first customers and she seemed a bit shy. May be more confident now

Offline Jim

Is that £40 in total for massage with extras or £40 on top?

Offline themademan2

Is that £40 in total for massage with extras or £40 on top?
£40 + £40
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Offline uls99

Too expensive for me personally. Seen Anne before but not really my cup of tea. Think I'll try Diana next

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