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Author Topic: Red Bull Grid Girl  (Read 932 times)

Offline James999

Well her pics in Gallery claim she is 2011 Red Bull Grid Girl  ;)

She appears attrcative https://www.adultwork.com/1239480

Rates high at £280 an hour

But you could have a quickie (15 mins) for £120 Perhaps the best option, cut the chat and coffee and just bang away for 15 mins solid, surely long enough for most guys to cum, then climb off and clean up in her time  :sarcastic:

Or is it better to spend the £120 on an hour with perhaps not such an attrcative girl, after all the nights are drawing in and as such if the lights are low are looks as important  :music:

Offline Jerboa

She looks hot, but over priced, guess she's not wanting to be to busy, you tried Tineying her pics?

Offline softlad

She looks hot, but over priced.

I Don't care how fit she is.
No owo No punt.  :diablo:

Offline Lurtz

That's spooky - she is the spitting image of an ex-WG I know.

Prices are silly, though.

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