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Author Topic: AdultWork Credits Help  (Read 592 times)

Offline Daniel Bryan

Hey guys, I'm new in town. Not punted yet but looking to get involved after lurking these boards for a few weeks.

I'm just trying to get to get to grips with how the Credits system works on AW. The way I understand it a credit costs £1 and can be spent on looking at any particular girl's private gallery for 24 hours. Will I then need to spend another £1 to look at the photos again?

Anything you can tell me about how Credits work will be appreciated.

Banning reason: Creating multiple accounts

Buy credits on AW, next you need to subscribe to the escort's PG, it should state next to the subscribe button how many days you are allowed to view it for and how many credits you need to pay. Some 1 day others 3 days. Some 1 credit, others as much as 5. After you have subscribed to the PG you can view it as many times as you like within that time frame. It also tells you when it expires and at what time.

Offline The_Don

I like using ukash (paypoint £10 in cash no cards with my details on) then just add the number and bam credit added and subscribe to private gallery.

Get yourself a punting phone and a different name for punts!

Good luck and welcome to this world!

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