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Author Topic: Etiquette on approaching a knocking shop door...  (Read 1481 times)

Offline Monmouth

By my place place of work is a small row of grotty shops, you know the sort of thing - a bookies, a greasy spoon, a funeral director, a corner shop, a chemist etc. In the middle of the shops is a door to a flat that I'm told is a rub-a-dub shop. How people know this I've no idea! Anyway the outer door is left open during 'working hours' and immediately behind it is another door with a bell and security camera. I've searched the local papers for possible ads but I can find no reference to the place. If this is a knocking shop where are the girls advertising and would it be good manners to ring the bell and ask if this is the local whore house?

I guess you just have to go balls to the wall, as the song goes, ring the bell and TOFTT.

Offline webpunter

Generally speaking my sense of adventure would make me want to check it out
Right next to where you work ?  And how far away from where you live ?
If this doesn't bother you then maybe worth a reccy patrol.  In your lunch hour then park your car just up the road - get a paper / buy a sanger and have your lunch.  So your can have a watch quite easily without being noticed.  Over a few days - seeing if there are any 'interesting' comings & goings.  Might as well have lunch there as anywhere else
Take it from there

Online Happylad

Just ask the first policeman you can find - He`ll know

Offline James999

best way to approach is

Put your left leg forward
swing your right leg forward in front of your left leg
Then swing your left leg trhough in front of your right leg

Repeat the above till you arrive at the door,

then press the bell always do this with your right hand

Undress while you wait for the girl to let you in as this will save time when you get inside

Leave your clothes on the pavement outside so other punters know she's busy and thus you wont be disturbed  :hi:

Offline sealion

By my place place of work is ... In the middle of the shops is a door to a flat that I'm told is a rub-a-dub shop.

The fact that this is by your place of work should put this on the "No Go" list - always keep your Public life and your Punting life seperate. Avoids a lot of complications.

Do work know that you punt? Are there any potential consequences to them finding out? Think through this aspect carefully before doing anything to investigate. 

You will never be able to write a review without telling us all where you work.

Offline virgil

If you want to scratch the itch, so to speak, ring the bell and have a back up line about what you were looking for if a tailor, author, terrapin breeder or crack seller opens the door.

The concern will be if a woman who looks like she could be a solicitor's receptionist opens the door and doesn't announce what type she is.

Offline doc14

knock on the door if it turns out to be something else, just ask if they are interested in double glazing

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