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Author Topic: Cold Sore  (Read 1629 times)

Cancel and explain why!

Then smother yourself in Zovirax and get rid of the mofo.

Vapour rub, is also good for getting rid of cold sore, I use vapour rub the min I feel the tingle, and even if it goes beyond tingle, it kills the cold sore, so it only develops so much, and mines was gone with in one week, no cold sore scaring

I've been in this situation and cancelled, as I like to give a girl oral and would never put her at risk.

Can you imagine if you went and seen the escort, I would say, having a cold sore, is like going  to see an escort, and having bareback sex

Someone else is going to see that escort after you, and they will be doing the same thing, and possibly catch something from the escort

Offline Urban_G

No i said dont go down on her or kiss her or i meant to but having re read it says down not dont  :rolleyes:
Hah, didn't even notice that, it just read like '... go down on her ...', thanks for clearing that up (unlike you can with a coldsore ;)).

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