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Offline Ben4454

So after what seemed like countless E-mailing and a waste of my time we finally get to arrange something. I soon realised that I had made a big mistake.

Finally get her number and then she tells me that I need to come pick her up as she has no transport. Fair enough.

Looks : Not as good as her picture seems. Looked like a drug addict to be honest but this is what I liked so I was geared up for the punt.

Service: Tried to charge me an extra £50 for OWO and her attitude was absolutely terrible. Don't do this don't do that.  After spending £160 I expected some sort of decent service but they say the money you spend does not mean punting value. She stank of fags too which really turned me off. Only wanted to do one position which was doggy and kept checking to make sure the condom was on and would not let you fully penetrate. Kept answering her phone half way through. Thought I could not abort the punt since she was over at my house now so humped and dumped.

All in all wish I never went and will not be back. Goes to show that Adultwork reviews are pointless.


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