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Author Topic: Body to Body/ full service  (Read 7347 times)

Offline webpunter

Is it Gina showing on the home page of the royalnude website and are the pics accurate ?
Also what's the area like - haven't been to Romford.  Wondered what Rush Green Road is like ? Deffo visit in the day.  Any intel greatly appreciated.  I'd have a fuck of a lot of explaining to do if my car got knicked there.  Highly unlikely i know but one of the collateral risks that i try & manage

Offline tonka

I see Mandy 2 days ago as Gina was booked out. Mandy is very cute and for my first visit for a £30 massage I was pleasantly surprised and I will be back.

Rush Green Road is fine, just outside of the town centre. The girls operate out of a normal house with parking across the road, parking in the side street, and if those are all full, you can park in the YMCA building over the road. I managed to park opposite the house across the road, so am not sure if YMCA parking is free or not.

hopefully I can get an appointment with Gina next time, but am happy I met Mandy as I would def see her again too.

Hope this helps.

I saw Mandy yesterday. Nice place,I thought i had gone to the wrong address. Not your usual run of the mill shit hole. Massage was good but I'm sure there is better out there.

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