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Author Topic: Tammy Lee  (Read 799 times)

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Offline rjboi

I am so angry with myself. I should have listened to my head not my cock. Comms were ok and I rang and asked about services, she was quick to offer a 2 girl, when I said I only had £100 she said they would look after me.

1 - she is not in Redditch, She is in Frankley. She gave some bull about AW being incorrect.
2 - her apartment isn't meticulously clean, it's a shithole house where the bathroom light doesn't work, it stinks of fags and most of the doors have punch holes
3 - she is never 23, not in a million years.

Got there, was seen in and saw Tammy, who is tiny and Katerina. Both English and both friendly enough, didn't dress as requested again despite saying it was ok.
Was very rushed,in fact Tammy told Katerina I'd "only paid £100 so he hasn't got long".
I  got the impression she didn't want to do the OWO despite in the initial email saying that and CIM was fine.  nice kissing, then she got on her back and let Katerina lick her, let me join in for a minute, got up quick suck and wanked me over Katerinas arse.  30 second oral a snog and a wank  and I was there 15 minutes maybe.
left proper pissed off, swearing to myself all the way home.  Oh well, I will go back to the usual ladies, won't bother seeing someone new again, I just can't take that risk anymore.

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2 review(s) found for tammy lee linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bigjim

hello Rjboi, there are a few threds on here about these two,

she used to be quite a good shag when she worked on her own and I have seen her a few times

but it looks like she has changes  :thumbsdown:

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