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Author Topic: Lady Veronica - Candy Massage - Sydenham  (Read 1561 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2699547 Or http://www.acemassage.net/candymassage/candymassage.htm

I picked this girl from the 3 girl line up

Location - I've reviewed this place a few times now, so I wont go into details, except it seems as if the place is under new management or they've had serious security issues as there's now a male maid, CCTV Cameras, and a security gate half way up the stairs.

Comms - good.

Girl - As per the photos, mid 30's I'd say, she speaks decent English, she has slightly darker skin but its very soft, a very pretty face. Large fake breasts that are really really soft so +1 for them. her stomach isn't firm but its acceptable; probably due to child birth. Her ass is nice enough in heels, but its nothing spectacular when she steps out of them.

Services - OWO, Rimming (on her), Missionary, doggy, cow girl....blah blah blah.  There was no kissing and I'm certain that if she does kiss its definitely an extra!

The main even -

As soon as I was undressed she dropped to her knees and wet wiped me over and proceeded to give me OWO. Now I would of preferred to be lying down and receiving but she was doing such a good job I didn't dare stop her. Her technique was very deep and wet with great suction and some hand technique, certainly no teeth. No ball play or eye contact, Its very hard to get the perfect blow-job these days haha.

Onto the bed and on with the rubber, she got on top and road away, she started doing that shit in my ear Latin girls seem to do (breathing heavily and some tongue which I find rather irritating).
we moved through the positions which she did put effort into so I was pleased.

Time to finished I asked if she would sit on my face as I noticed during doggy she had a nice tight little arse hole, to which she happily obliged - Great!

During the clean up she left her arse planted on my face - Great +1 for that.

Positives - all of the above.
Negatives - none (except that ear incident which they (Latin girls) all seem to do anyway)

I paid £60 for 30mins and £20 for OWO.

Would I recommend: Yes

Would I return:  Nah

1 review(s) found for SweetSensualJennifer linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline pumps

Oh and they've also got business cards on the bed side table now, with candy massage and phone number printed on them. Veronica tried to give me one on my way out.

ERRR NO THANK YOU!!!  :wackogirl: :dash:

Not that I'd ever want such a piece of paper in my possession but why would you need a business card if your already in the building.

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