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Offline dm35

Hello everyone. I've used this site a lot for info, and finally decided to take the plunge and have my first punt. So, first ever punt, first ever review.....


I'm into mature women, so decided to pick Salina as she was well reviewed with lots of positive feedback. Opted for 30 mins, just in case the experience wasn't for me.

Booking was easy through AW. Exchanged an email or two, and a quick call to confirm. On arrival at the agreed time there was a slight panic as Salinas phone was engaged, which led to me standing outside for a few minutes! However, Salina was very apologetic and more than made up for the time.

Salina was on tour, but chose a very discreet location in an apartment complex off a quiet side road. The flat itself was immaculate, if a little small (not to Salina's liking). Everything was very clean and tidy and well set up.

If you like mature women, they don't get much better than Salina. Her photos are accurate, she is a very beautiful woman, with a very sexy curvy body, with lovely firm breasts. A stunning mature woman. She was dressed very attractively, with sexy underwear and stockings underneath.

Nice affectionate kissing on arrival - not DFK, but not really interested in that too much. Into the bedroom after dealing with the paperwork, and it was a very relaxed experience. I admitted to Salina I was a first timer and she took it very easily with me. I didn't ask for anything unusual or kinky, and she provided a straightforward, but sexy experience.
Started with kissing and undressing, then she started with oral with, it was decent but oral doesn't really do it for me anyway so I was happy to move on. I then explored her curves for a while, gave her oral and rimming which was very enjoyable. Salina herself seemed responsive throughout, but wasn't overdoing it with excessive "oh-ing" and "aah-ing".
Then I climbed on for missionary. Felt excellent, before long I was riding deep. All the while Salina was very responsive without over-doing it. Changed to doggy, which again was tremendous - her curvy ass is a delightful thing! I finished soon after, Salina cleaned me up, and we chatted for a good ten minutes afterwards.
To some it would have been a vanilla experience, but for a first experience it was ideal. I didn't ask for anything unusual, and Salina kept the experience nice and straightforward. Salina was very friendly, chatty, fun, relaxed, and at ease. She never glanced at the clock, and we went a good bit over time. A beautiful woman, and a delightful introduction to punting for me.

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