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Author Topic: Sweet Sexxy Girl...  (Read 890 times)

18 review(s) for Sweet Sexxy Girl... (8 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

First off, I want to say that this was the second time I saw Geena, the last time was when she was in Baker Street. This time will definitely be my last.

Her location is discreet, in a quiet street near Aldgate tube. Her flat is smart and she is the only girl there. I agreed a half hour session. This was all done by text beforehand as her phone wasn't working properly, apparently.

Anyway, I get to the venue and after being made to wait a few minutes, I head up to her pad. We get the paperwork sorted and get down to business.

Now there are two major reasons why I am putting this down as a negative. Firstly, her appearance. When I saw Geena last year, she was plus-size, but her tall frame meant she could carry it off quite well. Now, she has lost too much weight for her to be sexy in my view, something which was compounded by the stretched skin over her stomach.  :scare: I am not saying she shouldn't have lost any weight at all, but she has gone way overboard for my liking.

Still I could have put up with that, as Little Lance did respond well to her OWO and the sex, which brings me on to the second and main reason why she is Negative. She watched the clock and tried to get me to finish well before the 30mins were up. Luckily for her, the 15mins or so were enough for me on this occasion, but that was what turned what was going to be a neutral review into a negative. There wasn't much in the way of chemistry and she really seemed bored. Go if you wish, but it may not have been an off day...

Link here: https://www.adultwork.com/1905779

18 review(s) found for Sweet Sexxy Girl... linked to in above post (8 positive, 5 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline droplet

I saw her ages ago when she was in Barbrican. Nothing special to report back. She was a sweet girl. A bit tall for my frame. Only negative was that when I wanted to go down on her I noticed some bumps around her pussy. It didnt look very clean and I wasnt sure what it was. Which put me off the rest of the trip. Felt like it was wet and mouldy. But that was a long time ago and Im sure she will have got that cleaned/cleared up I hope. Sweet girl. Treat her well.

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