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Author Topic: Local Advice Needed Please  (Read 864 times)

I am going to the NEC in November and would appreciate a heads up from local posters please.

I will be staying in a hotel near the NEC over a weekend, and will be wanting an early evening incall. My requirements will be a PSE with an agency stunner (the best looking, horniest, model type stunner, with a MAX of £200 for an hour).

As I am not local, I don't want any scams or horror stories, so can you give me any Do's and Don'ts, such as agencies to avoid (I don't want to encounter any heavies or get my wallet nicked etc, you know what I mean).

If any of you guys were ever up in the North East I would return the favour.  :hi:

Offline Talbear

Hi there

The NEC is a bit of a waste ground to be honest.... There's not many advertising that area for incalls

Based on your comments I would recommend Brooke (she's well reviewed on here with links ).... She's just up the M6, and well worth the trip.


Sorry, I have dropped a bollock! It is an outcall I am wanting, to the hotel, NOT an incall (The 'waste land' comment made me think).

Apologies. Any further suggestions?


Offline Dodo

You couldn't go far wrong with either of these east european girls. Both stunningly beautiful, perfect english speakers, intelligent, clean and safe independents

Beautiful Anna.      https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2378324

Or Rebecca Fox.     https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2454221
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Which one have you seen Asp?

First one looks like she's got a trout pout!

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Offline Dodo

Which one have you seen Asp?

First one looks like she's got a trout pout!

Ive seen both Stape's.

Now let me put my recommendations into some context.....I am on the fussy side of fussy. I like a girl with a pretty face, a nice body who works from clean and tidy premises. She has to be someone I can have a good conversation with, is attentive and don't charge a fortune.

So with that requirement in mind I do think anyone I give a thumbs up to is someone that is worth seeing.

Both Anna and Rebecca fit into that mould. They really are beautiful, i agree you cant see Anna's face but she is as attractive as Rebecca who is just like her photos........she don't need to get them air brushed. I would also have suggested the delightful Pola but sadly she has gone back home for a few weeks.
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Offline Talbear

If your after an outcall xxxchloe555xxx is also excellent ...

Carrying slightly more timber (she's about a 12) than the photos on a separate link on here.... But she is a fantastic shag and a great girl.... She now only does outcalls, but seriously seriously good!!!

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