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Author Topic: feminazis - born or made?  (Read 377 times)

Offline Mr XL

This is another take on the 'Nurture - v - Nature' debate.

I don't remember that being conclusive either. A mix of the two I'd say so I haven't voted.

Offline cunnyhunt

I remember some of the girls at school acting like a bitch, it's an extension of that attitude.

Offline Lurtz

Made. People on forums invariably start off pleasant, even complimentary, and generally discuss issues in a fair and balanced way. After a time they begin to side with one camp or the other. Their views become polarized and partisan, and their style hardens. They become critical of anyone who doesn't share their particular view. After reading and contributing to the same old threads on the same old subjects, they begin to take an interest in the politics of the board, and this is when their mutation from jovial working girl to hard-nosed feminazi becomes complete.

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