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Author Topic: Xxscottish_hannahxx on Adultwork  (Read 1721 times)

Anybody know anything about xxscottish_hannahxx on Adultwork?

Offline Uniformad

Something just don't look right with this profile in my opinion.

Looks like someone has come across her holiday pics and is now setting her up ?

Something not right...... jealous ex boyfriend maybe??

Offline Lsf

Feedback looks dodgy - both posted 2 mins apart and both users with low amounts of feedback.

Offline big p ne

fake lads took one for the lads private gallery all fake  :blush:

Yeah I checked out the private gallery too. Both ass pics aren't even the same ass lol. Shame cos she's a decent looking lass. Love to know how there's any feedback at all when the profile was only a day old and claiming still to be sorting out her profile

Online Bengeo13

Yes, summat not right.
I've welcomed her to Newcastle and her reply was quick enough, if only to let me know she would be taking bookings soon after setting up her profile.
Could well be jealous boyfriend or jolly joker!

I got the same sort of reply. But was also urged to check out her private pics. Maybe a gallery seller

Hasn't even replied to my emails. Pity.

Offline ScottishLad

Sure it the same girl that used to work on George Street in edinburgh that was a while ago tho

Offline johnny34

According to her AW profile shes starting next week.

Starting next week but already has 2 bits of feedback? Doesn't really add up lol

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