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Author Topic: Lala Rose May  (Read 1537 times)

Offline japseyeuk

Hi has anyone had the pleasure? I'm think she's fairly new to Scarborough, but looks like she's been around for some time - I'm not sure where though?


Any feedback would be appreciated

Offline Mike_1000

Think she's been in Scarborough for a few months. She put in a bid on a reverse booking of mine a while back but Scarborough is just a tad too far for me to get to for an hour's meet. If I had the money and time, I'd make a night of it with her.

Offline Giant4

She looks like a true MILF!

Did you book her japseyeuk??

Offline japseyeuk

No not yet, but hoping to zoo. Will do a review if i do.

Offline johno36

I seem to recognize her. She went by the name 232323 profile also had a warning

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