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Author Topic: Karolina HOD1 (House of Divine)  (Read 5297 times)

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Offline yumyum3

Not long been back from the new venue which is near Warren Street Station. It is clean with a bigish bathroom but no ensuite - not sure I like it as much as SK but I can see their point-of-view in having two London venues within easy access of Euston and MK.
Karolina is as advertised. She is crazy but fun with it. Reminded me size and attitude-wise of Horny Lucy although no facial resemblance.
I did the lot; owo where she kept trying to DT me and gagged a lot; fucked pussy and arse and she gapes both holes. She squirted on me as well and I enjoyed sucking her big tits and nipples while she rode me cowgirl. I am in the older punter age bracket and she made me pop twice in half and hour which shouldn't be possible; first time CIM and swallow and second time anal. I'm fucking knackered but if you want a genuine not-for-the-faint-hearted-PSE then she's your gal. Also very friendly and a good laugh. Oh and she has short dyed blonde hair now :)

Offline LL

Sounds like a good session! What did you pay for all that?
No prices listed on the website for her (when in the London venue anyway).

Offline yumyum3

Yes, cheers, LL. £100 for 45 mins is the London rate and that's what I paid.  :)

Offline kwahima

did you pay the maid if there's any?
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Offline bestbefore

Great tits! And a great review. Thanks.

What about DFK?

Offline KentAde

Yes, cheers, LL. £100 for 45 mins is the London rate and that's what I paid.  :)

Was that including anal?

Offline GreyDave

Saw her when she was in Harrow ...PSE and knackered my cock :D

A real Amazon of a girl not cheap but well up to shagging the arse off us all :yahoo:  :drinks:
Recomended if you fancy your self as a porn star she`ll give you a good tryout ....if you are up to it :D :D

I`m not anymore :cry: :cry:

Offline andrei

From that link, it says her porn name is Caroline Black.....so, reckon this is her?


i saw her like 4 years back in south ken and that doesnt look anything like her to me
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Offline KentAde

i saw her like 4 years back in south ken and that doesnt look anything like her to me

Oh well..... fucking google...  :D

Offline andrei

She has done at least one porn video - http://www.realpunting.com/karolina/birmingham-escort.html

i'd wager on the basis of that one vid she refers to herself as a pornstar
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (andrei, london_lad_2)

I have seen a couple of different CFNM videos she has been in.
Plus one I shot on my phone!

Offline andrei

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (andrei, london_lad_2)

I am desperate to find some videos of Karolina! Does anyone know where I can find any (other than the one above) I have looked at caroline Black but can't seem to find anything

i stand corrected

may as well post the others in here if you know of them  :drinks:

I've seen better acting in some school plays!


Offline GreyDave

Id love to find her vids
The links work I saw her a few times at Silkandstockings in Harrow when she was a bit leaner than the current pics suggests I think she is a Rom although she has a bash at  :unknown: passing her self off as an Italian  :unknown: When I saw her she was a  :lol: Grrr Great shag at the time full on and almost PSE she is a big girl and that vid does not show that she is about 6ft in heels and well proportioned. I hesitate to say but with me I felt the at time she was very close to my all time fav shag.. :thumbsup: Emma Butt   :yahoo: :yahoo:    so at third of the cost Karolina was for me good value (opps a bit of fluffiness sorry nick) could I say a Romamazon   (half romaine half Amazon )
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Offline vt

I notice she's back at Annabellas in Milton Keynes on Thursday...


Definitely falling into BBW territory now...and still only 26!!  :lol:

She's back at HOD tomorrow aswell. I'm to believe she's Lithuanian

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