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Author Topic: Lady Marmalade Parties  (Read 703 times)

Offline Randy101

Has anyone heard of these?   As I was wondering what everyone else thinks of them, and would they be a success in Newcastle if we could entice them to try here.  Who'd be interested in this?


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Offline Captain Caveman

I'm not from the NE but have been to many LMP parties in the south and, if you are lucky enough to get them to come to your home town, you'd be silly not to go.
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Offline Toshiba

Cant see it happening

Not a fan of them or swinging parties

Offline Toshiba

So call me stupid how does it work and whats the average cost

Offline dino1990

last time I went to a swinging sex party there was someone I knows car parked in the hotel car park. I changed my mind and turned back.  He might of been there for another reason but it made me realise once you enter the door there is no excuses

Lot's of info on LM parties in the North West section.

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