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Author Topic: Good health doncaster  (Read 6175 times)

Offline kochelsea

Hi, New to the site and new to punting. I'm looking to try this place from AW out , iv rang them but it's like talking to a brick wall, cant get a price for a HJ, has anybody been and if so what's it like and how much do they charge. If not any other massage parlours in the area would be great.

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Never heard of it but there are at least 2 in Donny , cant say on here but google will tell you

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Hi good for health is expensive but worth I would say new Chinese lady is the Bomb or you could katies moulin rouge or daniel house

Visiting Doncaster this wknd any suggested venues for massage with he. Cheers

"Good health" on gumtree is a F.S. Place.
If you speak to the lady who answers the phone and tell her you want B2B this will usually be interpreted as B2B + sex. Cost = £30
the phone answerer is there all the time
she moved from Goole and provides same service.
Despite once answering the phone mid shag!! she can be fun does a good massage and I liked her
Stopped going as most of the 2 week girls were older and fatter.

sorry guys checked and should have said viva street,
On Thorne rd.
 Regular is currently called lulu tho different name when in Goole, :scare:

Offline lukester0304

 :) Hello all!

Been to this establishment about 4 times now, have got somewhat mixed feelings about it.

First time I went was when I think it was newly opened, had an old woman ( think it was the owner) and she just gave me a normal non sexual back and legs full body massage, which is what I wanted and paid for at £25. I enquired what else they offered and she told me that happy ending hand relief was extra £10 and for body 2 body + happy ending it was extra £30. Food for thought as I walked out.

Second time I went was led into a room to see this beautiful young tall Chinese lady about 28 to 30ish, amazing with her hands did a really amazing massage then asked me if I wanted happy ending with body massage naked and I said yes at extra £30, she did this and was just superb at it, kissing me and 69 and anal play everything was great.

Third time I went was met by older lady about 35ish, again tall and fairly attractive but was a bit useless at the massage, was very rough and not enough oil used to lubricate the skin. I go to the gym and the main reason I go here is solely for the muscle massage, anything extra is just a treat so I was not happy about the below par massage. anyway after she asked if I wanted "happy ending" and I told her yes, naked but I only want to pay £25, I think this confused her and she said " you pay £25 before" sensing an opportunity I said yes and she agreed. Nice pussy, good hand technique and again 69 was really nice, went on for about 45minutes total, I was satisfied she had made up for in wanking ability what he lacks in massage.

Now then, you see the pattern? after the second meet it kind of declined....well the 4th time I went which is the last time, disaster  :mad:

Was greeted by bit chubby, 40 odd year old Chinese woman, again broken English and no idea about prices. She asked what I wanted and I just went ahead and said full body massage at £25, this is supposed to last for 30 minutes, she did it for about 10 and then asked if I wanted happy ending, I though it was a bit rushed but didn't want to offend her I thought she might add extra time after the wank off bit, I asked for body to body massage and she said £35!? I said £25 I paid last time and after a bit of back and forth nodding of heads and difficulty understanding each other she relented and agreed. Needless to say this was the worst, most lacklustre, unprofessional service I have ever experienced, she has absolutely no idea what she was doing, in the end it was ME who has to wank off onto her pussy just to climax. Didn't even bother saying anything to cause and argument I doubt she would understand me anyway, but what a let down really pissed me off.

I am considering going again just to see if it was a one off or if I can repeat that amazing second meeting  :kiss:

Its worth mentioning though, Im not sure this place offers full sex...every single time I have been I have always asked and always been told NO. Best I can get it naked body to body with wank off. So fuck knows, would be nice to get some feedback off anybody else who goes what they have got and if its any good because I use this place regular. Any other decent massage places around for the £25 fee??
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if you see my post above I too had a similar experience.
Stopped going as more bad than good experiences.
Foot and body spa has been mentioned on here.
next to WasabiSabi.
mainly more mature types but never had a bad massage there.
PM me if details required

Offline lukester0304

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