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Author Topic: MelisaItali - Total Waste of Time! AVOID!  (Read 1204 times)

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Thought this girl had good reviews so went for it. She txted immediately saying she was working. Called her later to discuss. She said on her enjoy list that she does anal. I gently asked her if she does anal and she said no. Warning bells started sounding already. I said i thought it was on her enjoy list and she goes only if you are not too big.

So on my way I go. Sent a text saying I was gonna be 5 min late. Didnt get a msg received confirmation from phone. When I got there I called and couldnt get through! Her phone was switched off!! Called a few times to no avail. Then txted her saying I arrived. Some time later I got the msg received confirmation from my phone. So I called her again. Only to be hung up!!

Never again. A total waste of time and gave me a huge head ache travelling to and back from her place. AVOID!

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Offline LL

Sounds like a shitty experience but it happens all the time unfortunately.  Do you not have a plan B in the same area when you meet somebody new?

Offline droplet

I did. Only a plan B and no plan C or D.

Unfortunately plan B said she was ok with last minute then 2 min later said her client arrived. wtf.

My battery was going dead and didnt have enough power to browse for plan C or D. I didnt have any.

Prob just very bad luck. Went home and gave myself a well deserved and needed wank which calmed me down a lot  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Offline andrei

Shame as she looks hot

damn shame as that black and white pic look amazing
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