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Author Topic: Naughty Alexandra anyone?  (Read 1063 times)

Offline jarrovian

Haven't seen her, but very tempting. She has 3 different names on her feedback, one of which is Adele, which is putting me off as there was a Romanian Adele on aw a while ago and we all know about romanians

That is one of the CherryDolls profiles (the EE offshoot from Diamonds). The feedback refers to both Adele and Anita. They re-assign their profiles every so often. The girl in the photos certainly isn't Anita (she was a strawberry blonde) and I don't THINK she's Adele. Adele looked vaguely similar but wasn't as good looking as her.

Offline portable

Damn. Thanks.

Looks like Cherry website is down. Probably a good thing.

Offline kingkong

She worked for Diamonds about 1 or 2 years ago but I didnt bother with her, some others on here might have booked her, she used the same pictures for the diamonds site as her AW profile

Offline Toshiba

she's romanian

services look shite

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