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Author Topic: Here Just for 2 Days  (Read 10854 times)

Offline Sarahs Back

Well done James for this one... Credit where credit is due....

Offline Ali Katt

Just saw this familiar face in Manchester: https://www.adultwork.com/1617873

Oh look, feedback hidden. What a surprise. Why doesn't this cunt just DIE. :diablo:

Truly an archetypal shit service provider that is the adversary of UKP. This was my experience with her on this very day last year: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=4670.msg71550#msg71550
I've linked it to the old thread with pictures:

Offline ncarter

I have to say reading the whole of this thread I was disappointed LondonGuy or whatever his name is, was banned. 'His' posts were so amusing, I mean come on, only a person with a financial interest in the girl (her/pimp) would get so worked up emotionally about the comments made. Even the most ardent fluffy wouldn't use language like that.

Still if anything good comes of sites like this it minimises the victims of scams or makes service providers realise what is expected from them or at least hints on how to be successful if they read the comments made.

Offline Sarahs Back

Couldn't you tell it was her.... The writing style was a give away....
And to use Londonguy as a name gives it away even more...

Offline ncarter

I've shot myself in the foot so many times in the past that I could play the part of a peg legged pirate without using props. I think there is was more the 'over the top' aggressive protective defence by the 'client' that was amusing without probing too deep into the gender.

Offline Marmalade

In most cases:

"Here for just two days" = "I've listed a load of different towns on my profile in the hope that you want to pay to see my stolen bullshit photos pretending to be an escort."

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