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Author Topic: breanne_ja, your thoughts?  (Read 453 times)

Offline dld123

Saw this young thing, breanne_ja https://www.adultwork.com/2530678 and thought wow ;). Would appreciate your opinions, ie, is it a real profile etc.

Offline bigone

Not seen her but no reviews in over 4 months
She looks cute :kissgirl:

lists bareback on likes though....

Offline dld123

 :unknown: I`m sure that wasn`t there before. What a shame.

Offline Ludwig

It's almost certainly a Bait & Switch - the photos on the profile relate to a Russian model called Sonya E - e.g. see here & here... Those photos have only recently been put on the profile - when the profile was first created, the photos were of a short brunette .  There was also a sister profile created at the same time (now defunct - I can't remember the name) of a tall brunette also offering bareback...


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