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Author Topic: Nutcase cassie from bristol - Cassie88dirtynfun  (Read 8779 times)

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as my name on here suggests newbie

new to forums too
I shold start my own post?

I got caught a couple of times over the years in the Boscombe area of Bournemouth, briefly it went like this,

I slowed down near a street girl that at first glance looked very attractive, however she lept in the car and shouted "quick drive they are after me"...that caught me a bit unawares..but I duly sped off down the road..then it started , she was all over me as I drove asking do I want a blowy, good time etc, that is when I saw all the rashes and spots all over her face..fucking horrible...
I told her I got no money and pulled over, she refused to get out of the car unless I gave her £20 I told her no way,
When I went round to passengers side to pull her out she slid across to the drivers side ..I went to drivers side she slid back to passenger side, back and forth etc,so I got back in car and told her I would go to police station .....
As I pulled away she started grabbing the steering wheel trying to steer me into parked cars and then trying to kick the car windscreen out..she was very strong obviously as high as a kite
I decided it safer to take her back to the road I picked her up in, another mistake, another car was parked there with two blokes in it and her mate walking straight at my car in the middle of the road shouting at me warning me not to knock her over.
She came to the window and started talking at me, by now I was getting seriously concerned so I gave the girl in my car £20 and told her to get out...she wanted more..
Whilst her friend once again took my attention the girl in the car grabbed my hands free kit and fucked off..
I was so relieved that she was out of car that I drove off quick....end of.
The second time I was caught in same area, I picked up a tall street girl and asked if we could go to her flat, as I wanted to film me fucking her, she agreed a price of £40 and so in my car she got, she seemed fine and up the stairs to her bedsit we went...it was a shithole but I paid the money,
She went over to the window and looked out , pretending to be fixing curtains, obviously she was signaling the bloke with the Pitbull I had noticed wandering the streets earlier.
The doorbell rings, she looks out of window , she anounces, it's her jealous boyfriend just turned up.....Up the stairs he comes with this fucking dog, she tells him I am just a friend and I push past him quick and fuck off.
I text her and she says he will be gone soon, I waited 2 hours and eventually she turned off phone, never saw her again or got money back
The moral of the story is ...never go back to a streetgirls place, if you want to pick a streetgirl up, park round the corner and approach her on foot, that way she will not be over interested in you as you are not in a car and it will give you a chance to have a good look at her and talk, before you go back and get your car to pick her up.....
Finally don't get complacent, thats when as I did you will make mistakes and get caught...I have been punting for over 40 years and only been caught out very recently....TWICE!
We can all get caught out, just learn from it when you do and move on...Crackheads are total cunts...avoid!

Tony Montana

You seriously need to go to the police mate, any mention of weapons & they will investigate it. Also I'm sure this pair will be well known to plod & they may just be looking for an opportunity to cause them some grief.

If you want to report her, PM me.  A little detective work revealed her real name.

I will goto the police
please do give me her name

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