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Author Topic: Smiley Miley ... Massage?  (Read 749 times)

Offline Rstone

Quick intro: I am an odd punter... Some would say I am not a 'real punter': not looking for full service , only assisted showers, massage (mutual type !) being able to do/get what I want with/from a willing WG (tit lickin & wank, fingering, balls licking ... And all kind of things that have absolute zero STD risks)

That said, I am ready to forget the tit wank bit and suck a pair of smaller tits ... Miley's ones... But only if she is able to give a good decent massage, otherwise 1hour without shagging her will feel like a century...

Can anyone who visited her comment on that?


Offline Frenchguy

She's not really the massage type imo, so I would give her a miss.  If however you are after a quick shag, she is worth it! ;)
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Offline Vivago

Not recommended.  You will take one look at those cute, little pointy tits and that fit as fuck figure and you will want to shag her.  Guaranteed. :lol:

It would be a travesty to spend a whole hour with Miley and not to penetrate her in some way. ;)

Offline Frenchguy

Miley also loves getting down to it straight away...she doesn't mess about. 
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Miley doesn't massage.

Unless you cant your cock massaged.

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